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How to Have a Hot Tub Party During a Pandemic

Everyone is wearing masks and social distancing, so how do you have a hot tub party while keeping everyone safe and still having a great time?

Well, we’ve put together some tips for you to social distance and have a great hot tub party.

Here’s how to have a hot tub party during a pandemic.

Step #1: Invite Your Friends and Family

When sending your party invites, make sure you let everyone know what you’re going to do to keep them safe. If you want people to wear masks while inside your home, make sure to tell them so they bring a mask.

You also want to ask them to please do their best to social distance while outside so everyone feels safer while at your party and in your hot tub.

Step #2: Get Your Hot Tub Ready

When was the last time you checked under the cover of your hot tub? Do you have clean water? Are you using the proper chemicals?

Before your party, make sure your water is clean and sanitized. You can always bring us a water test so we can test your hot tub water for free and give you a printout of what you need.

Remember, the CDC has said it is safe to swim in a pool and soak in a hot tub during COVID-19. You just want to make sure your sanitizer levels are appropriate.

Step #3: Re-Organize Your Outdoor Space

This isn’t the time for cozy, close together seating in your backyard. To help keep everyone safe and health, set your outdoor seating so it’s spaced six feet apart as much as possible.

Create some cute little table tents reminding everyone to leave space between each other (think on the sofa) so they are six feet apart.

Your guests shouldn’t have to wear masks outside unless they aren’t six feet apart. But, it’s always a good option if it makes everyone more comfortable.

When it comes to your hot tub, decide how many people can comfortably fit in the tub at one time while still being far enough apart. You can also set some chairs around the hot tub and create another conversation area.

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Step #4: Set Out Snacks and Drinks

This is tricky during a pandemic, so you want to put some thought into it so people aren’t all touching the same serving utensils. Here are some things to consider:

  • Buy individual sized bottles or cans of your drinks. Think water bottles, soda and lemonade bottles, beer cans, and wine spritzer bottles.
  • Lay out individual desserts. For example, cut your brownies and set them in cupcake liners so people aren’t using tongs.
  • You can also use small paper cups to put chips, veggies and dips in so people can grab their own and avoid sharing spoons.
  • Use disposable plates, cups, and silverware – compostable is the best plan – so you don’t have to wash anything.
  • Throw all leftovers away or recycle them.

Set Out Hand Sanitizer

Buy several bottles of hand sanitizer and set them out around your party area. You might even ask everyone to use them when they walk in your home. And, if they’re joining your outdoor party from inside your home, ask them to use their masks until they are outside.

Think about your bathroom area also and make sure you have hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and disposable guest towels to avoid  passing COVID around.

Final Thoughts

Ready to throw a hot tub party during the pandemic? With these steps, you’ll limit everyone’s exposure to the virus and a have a great, relaxing time as well.

Don’t have a hot tub? We can help you put in the hot tub of your dreams! Stop by or contact us today!