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How to Keep Your Pool Algae Free When It’s Hot

July and August are typically the hottest months in Kansas. Not only is the heat here to stay for awhile, but homeowners are busy, taking vacations, and sending kids off to school in August.

So, when algae rears its ugly head, it can be a very frustrating experience.

in this article, we look at how to keep your pool algae free when it’s hot so it doesn’t derail your  plans.

How to Keep Your Pool Algae Free When It's Hot600 What is Algae?

First, let’s look at what that common green algae really is. Algae are microscopic, aquatic plant-like organisms and can be found free-floating or wall clinging.

Algae grows in salt water or fresh water swimming pools and thrives in temperatures above 85°F. In fact, it can “bloom” overnight.

Algae spores constantly enter pool by rain, wind, animals, toys or swimsuits and left unchecked, can clog filters and create surface damage.

To kill it, you’ll use BioGuard’s Algae Complete because it kills all types of swimming pool algae!

How to Prevent Algae Growth

The best thing you can do is preventing it from every starting. Here are some tips for keeping the blue in your pool:

  1. Maintain a sanitizer residual of 1-3ppm. This means your chlorine needs to be at optimal levels every single day.  This is what prevents algae growth from occurring. It’s also a good idea to shock your pool weekly this time of year.
  2. Do an initial and weekly application of a preventative algicide (such as Algae Complete).
  3. Shock routinely.
  4. Make sure there is adequate circulation and filtration.
  5. Keep the water in your pool moving. Algae likes still water, so if your water isn’t moving, you’re providing a nice home for algae. Keep your pool filter run during the hottest months for best results.
  6. Brush the surfaces of your pool on a regular basis.
  7. Use your pool. By swimming in it often, you’ll stir up the water and any debris. This lets your skimmer catch more particles and do a better job at filtering your pool.
  8. Keep your pool filter clean.

To Conclude

These tips should do a great job at keeping your pool algae free!

You can always stop by one of our three stores for pool chemicals and expert advice. You’ll also find an experienced service team on hand to help you with your pool care.