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How to Master Your Grill

Most grill owners wish they knew just a little bit more about grilling. They want to cook delicious food every time. To help you, check out this article on how to master your grill.

First, the most important thing you need is a high quality grill. You’ll find Big Green Egg, Traeger, Memphis, Saber grills at Ultra Modern. Each one of these grills fits a need for our customers. With your favorite grill in your backyard, you’re ready to grill. Here are tips to master your grill.

Master Your Grill

  • Use the proper tools. Long-handled tools are generally safer. In addition, use tongs to turn your meat not a spoon or spatula. Why? It keeps the juices inside. Use a brush for the marinade. and don’t forget grill mitts to protect your hands and an apron to keep your clothes clean.
  • Always clean your cooking grates so your food tastes great each time you cook. Again, use the proper tools for your grill to clean the grates.
  • Use a thermometer when grilling your meat. This keeps it safe for eating.
  • Preheat your grill to the right temperature before you start cooking.
  • Know the difference between direct and indirect heat. When cooking on direct heat, your food is right over the heat source. When cooking with indirect heat, you keep the food away from the direct heat or flames.
  • Use high quality spices, wood chips, or smoking chips. This will simply make your food taste better.
  • Don’t add the BBQ sauce until after your food is cooked.
  • Leave the lid closed.

Final Thoughts

You can be the master of your grill! Use the tips in this article and be sure and check out the directions for your specific grill. You’ll find a set of tips for mastering your specific grill in the directions. You can also always ask us. We love to use our grills at Ultra Modern!

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