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How to Use a Spice Rub

You see rubs advertised, but do you really know what to do with them? In this article, we look at how to use a spice rub for some of the best grilling.

Defining a Spice Rub

Many people are quite familiar with how to marinate meat and vegetables prior to grilling. Basically, you add the meat and the sauce, put it in a bag and leave it overnight.

Did you know there’s another way to flavor meat? One of our favorite methods is to rub meat with a mixture of dry ingredients called a spice rub.

Spice rubs typically contain salt or sugar and some additional spices. Others may contain coffee grounds, cocoa, dried chilies or sesame seeds.

You can make your own spice rub, or you can buy pre-made rubs. These are often created by grill companies like Traeger and are delicious.

Rubs aren’t just relegated to meat, though. You can also use them on vegetables, in soup or mixed with oil and vinegar in a salad dressing.

Spice Rub Application

Rubs are very easy to use. Just sprinkle the rub on your meat and spread it around with your fingers. Make sure the meat, fish or vegetables are dry before you apply the rub. Apply to all sides.

If you just want a little seasoning, add it right before cooking. You can let it sit for about 15 minutes for great flavor. If you want an even more intense flavor, add it to your meat a day before and let it rest.

Do brush the excess rub off before placing it on the grill.

You can also turn your dry rub into a wet rub by adding oil, yogurt, butter or honey to a small amount of rub. Add it to your food and let it marinate for up to a day. Experiment and see what you come up with!

TIP: Before you add the rub, mist your food with a bit of water or vegetable/olive oil and then apply your rub. This helps it stick better.

Final Thoughts

Rubs are a great addition to your grilling accessories. If you’re looking for some of the best rubs in town, stop by one of our locations today!