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Huge Savings on the Solair Shade

Looking for a great way to beat the summer heat? We’ve got huge savings on the Solair Shade!

What is a Solair Retractable Awning?

Solair® retractable awnings are the perfect addition to your home! When extended, Solair awnings provide shade and help to define a space.

When retracted, your awning blends into the background of your home allowing a more open environment. The awnings are motorized, so you control your space with the press of a button.

You’ll love how Solair retractable awnings create shade for your outdoor spaces.

They also create a popular space for hanging out outside and eating a meal with family and friends. Whether you are eating breakfast outside, spending time with the family in the afternoon, or hosting a party in the evening, Solair awnings create ambiance, turning your patio into an outdoor retreat.

Solair Awnings Help Inside the Home, Too

The transformation is not only outside your home.

Solair awnings also make a big impact inside your home. An extended awning can block the sun and prevent damage to furniture, drapes and flooring as well as reduce your energy consumption by lowering temperatures inside your home.

Ready for your own Solair Retractable Awning?