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Keep Eye and Skin Irritation in the Pool Away

You’re having a pool party this weekend, or you’re simply enjoying your pool. Eye and skin irritations can ruin a wonderful time in the pool really quickly.

So, how keep eye and skin irritation in the pool away from your guests?

First, let’s look at just what causes it.

What Causes Eye and Skin Irritation in the Pool

The eyes and skin of swimmers can become irritated after they spend time in the pool. This can happen for various reason including:

  • Out of balance pool parameter and pH that isn’t balanced can cause eye and skin irritation in swimmers
  • Build up of contaminants in pool water can also create chloramines (a chlorine smell) and contribute to eye/skin irritation

How Do You Adjust Your pH?

  • Test water to determine current chemistry conditions
  • Test water before adding product to ensure which factors need to be adjusted
  • Add Lo ‘N Slo®​ if pH is high or Balance Pak® 200​ if the pH is low

Here’s How to Remove Contaminants

  • Add BurnOut® 73​ or BurnOut® 3​ to oxidize contaminants
  • Add Pool Juice™ 911, Natural Clarifier,​ or Polysheen Blue®​ to enhance filtration

How to Prevent Conditions That are Irritating to Eyes and Skin

  • Keep pool water balanced according to suggested parameters.
  • Add Pool Juice™ Phosphate Remover Weekly​ to your maintenance routine.
  • Backwash filter when necessary.
  • Shock​ pool weekly to destroy contaminants (such as perspiration, suntan lotions, hair sprays, body oils, urine, pet dander, and cosmetics).

Need Help?

If you don’t want to mess with pool maintenance, or you need some help with skin and eye irritation, our expert staff can help. From the team inside our stores to our service team, we are here to help you have the cleanest, clearest, most balanced water! Contact us with questions.

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