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Know Your Grill and Steak Doneness Guide

Grilling outside this weekend? Do you really understand how your grill works? Are your sure how to tell how done your steak is?

In this article, we encourage you to know your grill, and we give you our favorite steak doneness guide.

Know Your Grill

This video shows you how to get the most tender meats with tips from the Traeger pros.

The best kept secret is that if you master your grill’s hot spots, you’ll be the neighborhood grilling expert.

It’s important to know if you should grill y our meat at the very front, the very back, or somewhere in the middle. For example, meat cooked in the middle is usually more tender, so finish your grilling off in the middle.

The Hot Spot Tricks

Using your hot spots creates even cooking, and as we mentioned earlier, it keeps meat tender.

  • Chicken stays moist when grilled on the very front or very back of the grill for 10 minutes.
  • Sear other meat on the very front or very back of the grill to get grill marks.

Using the tips from the video, you’ll be on your way to grilling perfection in no time. Grilling season is long in Kansas, and it’s especially great to keep the heat out of the house during the summer!

So, beat the heat, keep your kitchen cool, and head on out to your Traeger Wood Fire Grill!

Steak Doneness Guide

Have you ever questioned the doneness levels? Or, has someone you’ve cooked for ever said, “That’s too pink?”

If so, the above guide can help you gauge just how cooked your steaks are.

Study the guide and then head on over to our blog for one of our favorite NY Steak recipes.

Need a new grill? Thinking about a wood pellet grill? We can help!