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Backyard Blogging.

Outdoor Decorating Trends for 2023

It’s beautiful this time of year, and you spend more time outside. Outdoor living areas are expanding, and people are spending more and more time outside. In fact, the backyard has become an extension of the home. So why not make it as comfortable as possible?

Check out this article for 2023 outdoor decorating trends.

Merging Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

As we mentioned earlier, the lines between the inside of your home and the outside are blurred. First, the pandemic sent many of us outside into our backyards. We wanted our own backyard retreats. Many bought hot tubs, installed swimming pools, created outdoor kitchen areas, added televisions, and comfortable seating.

Luckily, this trend has continued. People are carrying the design decor of the insider right outside into the backyards. Think about decor, color schemes, and pillows that align with your home’s interior style.

What if you don’t have space for an outdoor room? You can always add decorative partitions to set off the space.

You can also consider a pergola as it can set off your seating area, outdoor kitchen, and grill area. Finally, open up your indoors to your outdoors. Sliding glass doors or French doors are perfect.

Jewel Tones and Bright Colors

We’re so excited that bright colors are back in the outdoor color palette. Brights like magenta and yellow complement the fresh green of the outdoors so nicely.

If you’re leary of so much color, start small. Try a couple of pillows to get started. Once you feel bolder, you can add a rug for even more pops of color.

Finally, don’t forget the flowers. You can use these to add color to your outdoor room, too.

Jewel tones and brights work year-round, too!

Natural Stone Pathways

We love this trend, especially when you create these pathways from your back door to your hot tub and even to your swimming pool.

People are keeping sustainability in mind when it comes to their pathways and using natural stone. You also give your yard a nice ambiance and create a cottage-like feel. You can choose granite, sandstone, or limestone to create your path.

Go one step further and used recycled materials if you really want to create a sustainable space.

Modular Furniture

Like the Ledge Lounger collection above, people are looking at more modular types of seating. You’ll find this offers both comfort and convenience.

These pieces can be arranged in multiple ways or even separated. Interchange them and move them around to suit your needs.

Monochromatic Design

Another trend is decorating with a single color. For example, you might opt for an all-white or an all-black color scheme. This tends to give your outdoor space a really polished, sophisticated look.

Water Proof Furniture

Not only do buyers want comfortable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor furniture, but they want it to be waterproof, too.

Look at aluminum or stainless steel. You might also consider removable cushion covers that can be washed easily.

Latham Spa TL Cat pic

Yards Optimized for Wellness

In the last few years, backyards have become a safe haven for many people. Backyards are a place for physical and mental wellness. This is reflected in outdoor design.

For example, you might add a hot tub as a focal point and do all of your decorating around your spa. You might also consider a swim spa or an inground swimming pool.

You want to create a serene place in your backyard that is inviting and encourages relaxation.

Final Thoughts

Optimize your backyard for health and happiness, comfort, and accessibility. You’ll soon find that you are spending more and more time outside.

Come see us at any of our three locations and let us help you outfit the perfect outdoor room!