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5 Tips for the Perfect Hot Tub Space

Getting ready to add a hot tub to your backyard retreat? In this article, we look at five tips for the perfect hot tub space. Place it right, and you’ll notice you use it more, and you are happier with your backyard retreat.

Adding a hot tub to your backyard can make your life better and give you the perfect spot to enjoy your time at home. You’ll sleep better and feel better with your new hot tub. But you may be wondering about how to plan your hot tub space. Check out five tips for your new retreat.

#1: Stay Close to Home

Homeowners who put their hot tubs closer to the backdoor use their spa more often.

The best plan is to put it in easy reach. You don’t want too long of a walk from the backdoor especially in the cold weather.

#2: Buy Your Hot Tub Before Putting in Electricity

We recommend visiting with us before you plan the electricity to your new hot tub. You want to make sure d the electricity work for the hot tub you are purchasing. Hot tub needs vary with regard to electricity.

Find the right hot tub for you first. This will ultimately save you money in the long run. You want to wait to do the wiring.

You’ll find that some hot tubs can use a standard household outlet while others may need a dedicated plug. Spas that are cord-connected must be within a certain feet to plug directly into the outlet and can’t run on an extension cord. Other hot tubs may need either 30, 40, and 50 amps of dedicated power with a sub panel installation installed by a licensed electrician.

Bottom line – save yourself some money and wait to deal with your electricity wiring needs until you pick out your hot tub.

5 Tips for the Perfect Hot Tub Space

#3: Decide What Your Hot Tub Sits On

Do you know what your spa will relax on? Will it be on a concrete pad, a patio, a deck, or concrete pavers? If so, is your chosen spot level?

Your hot tub needs a level foundation for structural integrity. This allows an even water flow to your hot tub’s filtration system.

Again, you want to choose your hot tub first before looking at the pad it will sit on.

#4: Consider Your View

Go out into your backyard and stand in the spot where you want a hot tub. Pull up a chair and sit there for awhile. Look around you. Do you have privacy? Can you see your neighbors? Is there a window that’s too tempting to look into. Is your view pleasant?

You want the main seats of your hot tub to look out at nature. Part of the joy of hot tub soaking is the view, so make sure yours is perfect.

#5: How Will Your Hot Tub Get in the Yard?

This is an important question that many people don’t consider.

Hot tubs are big. Can they get through your fence into the backyard? Is the gate wide enough? If not, can you take it apart and then put it back together?

Do you need a crane delivery? Many homeowners find this is necessary when there’s no safe way to get into their backyard.

Is your air conditioner in the way of our delivery team? Can we take another route?

Final Thoughts

Your hot tub is an investment financially. It’s also an investment into your health and well-being. This is why you want to make sure you find the perfect hot tub space for it.

We are here at any of our three locations to help you. Contact us today and schedule your backyard consultation and let us help you choose the right spot.

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