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Pool Care Frequently Asked Questions

Many pool owners confront similar problems and have the same questions . We’ve rounded-up the most frequently asked questions that customers just like you ask.

Here are answers about pool care frequently asked questions.

Q:  I keep adding chlorine, but when I test my water, there’s no chlorine reading.  Why is this happening?

A:  The reason for the absence of a chlorine reading is that your chlorine is tied-up.  It is combined with chloramine groups causing your chlorine to be inactive.  What you need to do is shock or super-chlorinate your pool.  Shocking your pool will cause the chlorine to free up.  Check your chlorine level 12 hours after super-chlorinating your pool, if there is no chlorine present super-chlorinate your pool again and re-check.

Q:  How many hours a day should I run my filter?

A:  This is really dependent on how many gallons of water your pool holds, and also the size of your pump.  On average, you want to run your filter 8 to 12 hours a day to maintain proper filtration.  We recommend 24 hour filtration for best results.

Q:  I have blonde hair and every time I swim, my hair turns green.  Why does this happen?

A:  Blonde hair turns green because of copper algaecide.  Since the main ingredient is copper, too much of this product can stain your hair.  Try to use other algaecides, such as BioGuard® Banish or BioGuard® Smart Algaecide, or BioGuard Backup or Algae All 60, which do not release copper into your pool,  If there are high levels of copper, Proteam’s Metal Magic can remove the copper. Follow the directions on the back of the bottle for proper dosages.

Hair Remedy — to clear up green hair hassles, pour lemon juice or tomato juice on your hair and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.  Follow with a normal shampooing.  Repeat if necessary.  You can also find shampoo products targeted for green hair in drug stores or salons.

Q:  How long do I have to wait to swim after adding chemicals to my water?

A:  Every product will have a different time frame.  For any chlorine based products you want to wait until the chlorine residual is below 3 ppm.  For any pH neutral products, wait at least one hour before swimming unless product indicates otherwise.  Always check the precautions on each label of the product for further instructions and precautions. Generally, if you shock treat your pool at night, you can swim the next morning.

Q:  Can I leave my solar cover on when filtering my pool water?

A:  Yes!  There is no harm in leaving your solar cover on when your filter is operating.

Q:  Which way do I put my solar cover on—bubbles up or bubbles down?

A:  Always face the bubbles down into the water when putting your solar cover on.  Those bubbles heat up from the sun and transfer the heat into your pool water.  This process is similar to how your car heats up when sitting in the sun.  The heat is allowed through, but can not escape.

Q:  My water is cloudy, how do I clear it up?

A:  Water cloudiness is usually due to high pH or lack of sanitizer.  Test your water.  If the pH is high, use pH decreaser to lower it.  If your pH is high, your total alkalinity is most likely high also.  Make sure to follow the correct steps on balancing your water.  BioGuard Polysheen Blue or Natural Clarifier will also speed the process. The BioGuard Angry Egg is also a super product – it cleans and clears cloudy pools fast! Simply drop the Angry Egg™ Pool Treatment in your pool, and when the powerful fizzing action is done, he gently floats back to the surface for easy removal.

Q:  My pool turned green while I was on vacation.  How do I clear it up?

A:  First check pH and total alkalinity level, then adjust where needed. Add a weekly dose of Backup or Algae All 60.  If you have not vacation-treated prior to leaving or have not used an initial dose of Backup or Algae All 60, bring in a water sample, and Ultra Modern’s Water Experts can give you a personalized treatment prescription. Next, brush the walls and bottom of your pool to get all of the algae suspended in your water  Shock your pool water with the recommended dosage.  Run your filter constantly until clear.  Check baskets regularly and backwash when needed until pool clears up. Check sanitizer level twice a day until clear.  As you chlorinate, the algae will drop to the bottom of your pool.  Vacuum this to waste so you do not clog your filter.  Follow up with a routine dose of chlorine.

BioGuard Power Floc will speed the process.  If you are going on vacation, here is how to help prevent a green pool:

Make sure that your water level is at least half way through the skimmer opening.  Add a double dose of BioGuard Backup or Algae All 60 per label directions.  Super-chlorinate your pool the night before you leave.  Chlorinating your pool at night versus during the day is more effective because you do not have sunlight effecting your chlorine level.  Also, use chlorine with cyanuric acid, otherwise add UV Shield or Chlorine Stabilizer to your pool water.  Use the a chlorine feeder to help maintain your chlorine level.

Keep your filter running the whole time you are away.     You can purchase an indoor/outdoor timer to have your motor turn on and off at different times of the day to save electricity.  Make sure the timer is not set for your filter to run all at one time.  Separate the run times so that your water is not sitting still for a long period of time during the hot part of the day is best.

If you have a neighbor or a friend that knows something about pools, it would be beneficial to have them look after the pool while you’re gone.  Even though these tips can help, a lot can happen in a week.  By having them check on the pool, it can help prevent a disaster.  Invite them for a pool party when you return!

Or, call Ultra Modern’s Service Department and have us take care of your pool while you are gone.

NOTE:  Always follow label directions and manufacturer’s instructions for each product used.  Conditions may vary from pool to pool.  Ultra Modern Pool & Patio does not assume any responsibility or liability for the results that may be obtained through utilization of this or any other program, procedure or product.

Image: Bruno Gomiero