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How to Have a Stress Free Thanksgiving

No matter how many guests you have coming to dinner, follow these tips to give them a feast to remember. Here’s how to have a stress free Thanksgiving while using your Traeger grill to cook your turkey.

Should I Brine My Turkey?

This year, try both. Brine your turkey for 15-20 hours, rinse it, and then season it with your favorite Traeger rub.

What Pellets Should I Use?

We like mild flavored pellets like Apple, Cherry or Alder when cooking our Thanksgiving meal. It makes turkey, ham and other veggies taste great!

How Do I Know If the Bird is Done?

Use a digital thermometer to check tour turkey.

You want to check it between the thigh and the drumstick. You’re looking for an internal temperature of 165 degrees on the turkey leg.

Help! My Turkey is Done Early

No worries. Just remove it from the grill. Then, wrap it in foil and then a towel. Finally, place it in a cooler.

You’ve now insulated the bird so it can maintain its moisture for a delicious meal.

Help! My Turkey Isn’t Done on Time

First, wrap the turkey in foil and turn the grill temperature up to 375 degrees so the bird cooks faster.

Remember – you’re looking for an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

My Grill Turned Off, Now What?

First things, first – put the bird in the oven so it stays warm. You do not want to let it set out on the counter, especially if the internal temperature hasn’t yet reached 165 degrees.
Then, you can check out Traeger troubleshooting help and videos here.

Ugh. My Bird is Drying Out

You want to baste your turkey every 30 minutes with either butter or oil to help it retain its moisture.

Ugh. My Legs are Burning

Wrap the legs in foil to keep them from burning.

It’s Freezing Outside

To help your Traeger grill reach the proper temperature, you can use the insulation blanket. If you don’t have one, you can substitute a welding blanket. Do not use one from your home!

If the temperature outside is above 32 degrees, you don’t want to use either an insulation or welding blanket. Have patience, it will reach its temperature.

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