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Stuffed Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

Stuffed Blue Cheese Bacon Burger – enjoy this delicious recipe and surprise your friends and family with a delicious, unique burger! Cook them on your Big Green Egg or any grill will do!

Ingredients for Stuffed Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

1 1/2 lbs lean ground beef
Salt and pepper, for seasoning
2 tablespoons hot sauce
12 oz. bacon, cooked and crumbled or bacon bits
8 oz blue cheese, crumbled
Your favorite lettuce for garnish


Mix your ground beef with the hot sauce in a bowl. Divide the meat into four equal portions, leaving a bit left over. You can use a burger press to make the burgers, or you can shape them with your hand.

Make a dent or well in the burger, and fill it with blue cheese and bacon.

Use some of the leftover meat, and put it on top of the well and seal.

Set your Big Green Egg or other grill for direct cooking – 400°F. Cook burgers how you like them. Serve them on toasted buns, with lettuce and the remaining blue cheese.

Makes 4 burgers.


Image: Big Green Egg