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The Hot Spring Spas Clean Screen™ Pre-filter

You probably want the cleanest water in your hot tub. If so, you need the Hot Spring Spas Clean Screen™ Pre-filter.

The Clean Screen keeps your hot tub water as clean as possible every time you fill it.

It helps to remove organic contaminants and metals, including iron and copper, from your water, before they’re introduced into your hot tub. This filter also helps prevent your water from turning green from excessive metals in the water. Using a pre-filter is also extremely important if you are filling your hot tub with well water.

It’s also easy to use. Simply attach the Clean Screen to your garden hose to filter out organic contaminants, tannins, and metals, such as copper or iron.

Clean Screen Details

  • This filter lasts for approximately 5 – 6 complete hot tub water changes.
  • Just attach it to a garden hose, fill your spa and enjoy fresh, clean water.
  • This innovative water care product works especially well with the SPA FROG system to optimize water treatment.
  • Life Span 5000 Gallons

Use the Clean Screen pre-filter to ensure that fresh, clean water is introduced into your spa. This chemical-free treatment helps you experience superior water quality and extends the time between water changes.

Stop by today to pick up your Clean Screen!