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Should You Heat Your Swimming Pool?

Have you ever wondered “Should you heat your swimming pool?”

Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you heat your swimming pool, you’ll extend your pool season, increase your health benefits, and continue to enjoy your pool.

Your pool is an investment, and you want to enjoy its maximum benefits! As with your other investments, you probably want to enjoy the maximum your pool can provide.

In this article, we’re going to answer the question, “Should you heat your swimming pool?”

Extend Your Swimming Season

A heater extends your swimming season. In Kansas, this means you might double your usage with a heated pool.

Without your heater, you significantly reduce your pool use throughout the year. A heated swimming pool gives you a higher return on your investment because you can use your pool longer.

Health Benefits

A heater also means added health benefits. A warm pool allows you to continue exercising through the fall months. Swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, especially because it doesn’t place excess stress on your joints. Wouldn’t you like the added benefit of a pool heater?

Swimming is beneficial to many people of all ages including children, the elderly who can’t run or jog, and people who suffer from arthritis and other ailments.

More Family Time

The pool heater extends your family time. Being in the pool together means everyone left their electronic devices in the house and can enjoy talking, playing and relaxing together. Heated pools bring family and friends together for more relaxation and enjoyment.

More Comfortable Swim Season

Most people like swimming in water with temperatures between 82° and 84°F. In the spring and fall in Kansas, swimming pool water may not reach that temperature without a heater.

A heater is essential to setting and maintaining comfortable swimming pool water temperatures so everyone is happy in the pool!

Pentair Pool Heater

You’ll find Pentair Mastertemp® high performance eco-friendly heaters – an easy system to use with a compact design and quiet operation.

You’ll also find Pentair UltraTemp® Heat Pumps – they transfer heat from the atmosphere to the pool or spa, saving up to 80% in energy costs compared to gas-fired heaters. Another benefit of Heat Pumps – certain models are available with a cooling option to keep the water cool and refreshing even when temperatures outside are hot and stifling!

Should You Heat Your Swimming Pool?

If, after reading this article, you’re interested in adding a pool heater to your swimming pool, stop by one of our three locations today to learn more!

Photo credit: Michel Curi via VisualHunt / CC BY