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The Benefits of a Wood Fired Grill

For starters, cooking with a wood fired grill is the way Mother Nature intended.

Second, it plain and simply just tastes better.

Let’s look at the benefits of a wood fired grill like Traeger.

The Taste

It’s a fact – cooking with wood tastes better.

Traeger’s signature flavor comes from the use of pure hardwood. Traeger owners and BBQ enthusiasts agree that wood-fired flavor is what they love most about their grill. It simply tastes better than charcoal or gas.

Real wood equals exceptional flavor, every single time.

The Versatility

You can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise and BBQ over a wood fire.

The versatility of a Trager grill allows you to cook hot and fast or low and slow.

When you fire up your Traeger, you ignite the power to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ – you’re the master of it all.

From baby back ribs to wood-fired pizza, smoky mac & cheese and even homemade apple pie, you can do it on a Traeger wood fired grill.

The Ease of Use

Traeger’s ease of use and simple controls let you focus on what matters: your food, your family and your friends.

The digitally controlled convection heating system simplifies wood-fired cooking, allowing for easy temperature settings, just like your oven. So whether you’re perfecting a recipe or watching the game, Traeger has you covered.

The Consistency

You can expect great results every time you cook.

Consistent temperature gives you consistent results, meaning you can craft food rather than tend to the fire.

Traeger manages the temperature for you, cutting out a major variable in achieving consistent results. Master your brisket recipe, champion a whole roasted chicken, and cook with confidence knowing that you can replicate perfect results again and again.

Why Wood Fired

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