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Backyard Blogging.

The Best Time to Paint a Pool

While generally speaking, spring has been the most popular time for repainting pools, it isn’t always the best time.

Just like master gardeners know they’ll get a jump start on their planting if they clean their beds in the fall, the same holds true for pool owners. Repaint your pool in the fall, and you’ll be enjoying yours without waiting.

In this article, we look at the best time to paint and pool and how to get it done right.

Why is Fall a Good Time?

While we think painting your pool in the spring is just fine, there are advantages to doing it in the fall.

September and October are less rainy in Kansas than April and May, so you won’t be fighting wet weather when trying to paint a pool.

Plus, who wants to wait for their pool to get painted and dry in the spring when it’s 85 degrees, and they want to swim?

How Long Does It Take a Pool to Dry?

It does take a while to go through the painting process.

Once the pool is prepped, it needs to dry for several days, sometimes as many as four.  Then, it takes a day to pain the pool. After that, you’ll wait another three-four days for your pool to dry before you refill it.

If you don’t wait the prescribed amount of time for each step, you’ll end up with peeling paint within just a few months. And, your paint job won’t last as long.

The Best Time to Paint a Pool

We think some of the best times to paint a pool in Kansas are September through mid-October. The days are still usually warm enough, with not as much rain as the spring, and without a mess of falling leaves. You’ll also find less humidity during September and October, giving your paint a better shot at drying well.

Final Thoughts

Ready to get your pool painted this fall? Great idea! Do it now so you are ready to use your pool on that first hot spring day in Wichita!