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Backyard Blogging.

Things to Think About When Buying a Swimming Pool

With many forgoing a summer vacation, a pool becomes a nice alternative. If you’re considering adding an inground or above ground pool to your backyard retreat, we put together some inf to help with your research and planning.

If you’re considering a Radiant Pool, check out this article for things to think about when buying a swimming pool.

We especially like Radiant Pool because they’re easy on the budget – it’s basically an inground pool at an above ground price. Let’s look at your options.

Consider Your Budget

Most any pool will add beauty to your backyard and provide a lifetime of family memories. But, there is a significant price difference between a custom designed inground pool and Radiant Pool installed in the ground.

Above ground pools are the least expensive type of pool followed by semi-inground and then completely inground.

Consider Your Backyard

You’ll want to think about your current as well as any future landscaping plans you have.

Is your yard on a slope, or is it rocky? Do you have any neighborhood restrictions? How about zoning limitations? All of these factors play in to the type of pool you choose as well as your panning needs.

The best thing about Radiant Pools is they address many of the challenges common to homeowners.

Bottom line – know what you can and can do before making your investment.

Consider Size and Shape

When it comes to size and shape of both above ground and inground pools, you have a multitude of options.

Before deciding size and shape, think about the lot space that’s available on your property and then consider the pool itself in relation to that space.

Visualize how a pool of a certain size and shape will look installed in your yard. Will it add aesthetic value? If not, consider another size and shape.

Consider the Value

When you go with a Radiant Pool, you can always count on the value as each pool offers distinct features and benefits you’ll love for a lifetime.

Remember that you can take down an above ground pool and take it with you if you move. With a semi-inground or inground pool, these are permanent additions to your home that stay if you decide to move.

Final Thoughts

If you choose a Radiant Pool, you can count on a non-prorated lifetime warranty that is fully transferrable. That makes your decision to go with a Radiant Pool infinitely easier.

Finally, as you begin the process of adding a dream swimming pool to your backyard, we encourage you to do your homework. Consider your goals as well as your space, your budget and your family’s needs. Then, give us a call – we are your partner in the process!

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