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Backyard Blogging.

Tips for Getting Started with Your Big Green Egg

Have a Big Green Egg or thinking of purchasing one? It’s our favorite kamado style ceramic grill, and our customers agree – it’s awesome!

To help you once you have your EGG, here are some great tips for getting started with your Big Green Egg.

Tip #1: Cook on a Clean Egg

It’s always tempting to walk away from your grill when you’re done cooking, but that just makes more work for you the next time you use your BGE.

We recommend always start with a clean Egg. By removing all the ash, the air can flow more freely from the bottom vent to the fire. If you need a little help, try a small shop vac to remove the ashes.

Tip #2: Never Use Lighter Fluid

This is a big no-no when it comes to cooking on the Big Green Egg. You want to use Big Green Egg charcoal starters or the Big Green Egg Egniter.

Tip #3: Use High Quality Charcoal

We recommend using high quality natural lump charcoal in your Big Green Egg as it cooks and tastes better. What’s more, you can reuse your lump charcoal by adding a bit of new charcoal to it.

Tip #4: Regulate Your Charcoal

When you’re cooking low-n-slow, you want to use more charcoal. This makes it easier to regulate the lower temperature. but, when you’re doing high heat grilling, use less charcoal so you can really sear your meat at a higher temperature.

Tip #5: Cook with the Lid Closed

Your Egg is designed for you to cook with the lid closed. You don’t want to cook with it open, or your temperature will rise too quickly.

Tip #6: Burp Your EGG

That’s right. You want to “burp” it before opening it when it’s hot. This means just opening your lid a few inches several times in a row. This allows the hot air to escape so you don’t experience a flashback.

Tip #7: Use Your Vents

If you want to adjust your temperature, you can make small adjustments to the vents. This means usually the bottom vent. It’s important to slowly change your temperature either up or down by closing or opening the vent very little. Wait and see what happens and adjust again if needed.

To Conclude

We’re big fans of the Big Green Egg, which is why we are so excited to share them with you. The EGG can transform the way you feel about cooking outside. You’ll be amazed at the incredible flavor and ease of cooking.

We encourage you to come in any of our three stores and check out the seven sizes of these grills for yourself! Getting started is the first step!

*Please consult your user manual for safety information and directions for using your Big Green Egg.