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3 Tips for Hot Tub Landscaping

If you just got a new hot tub, or you’re looking to spruce up the area around your current hot tub, take a look at these tips for hot tub landscaping.

Spring is a great time to get started so you can enjoy your space all year long. Let’s look at three tips for hot tub landscaping.

#1: Get Everything Ready

Before you get started, you want to have a few gardening tools at the ready. Grab your large and small shovels, rake and a broom. If you’re moving rocks or large piles of dirt, a wheelbarrow is handy.

Next, you want to get your plants and soil. You want to decide how and where you’ll do some landscaping. Will you plant in existing beds, pots or raised beds? Or, are you creating your own flower beds?

Once you’ve planned out your garden area, visit your local plant store for plants, soil, mulch, compost and weed barrier fabric. Let’s dive into what you need:

  • If you’re planting flowers in existing beds, amend the soil with some new top soil and compost.
  • If you’re planting in pots or raised beds, buy some high-quality dirt.
  • You’ll need mulch on top of the soil to keep out weeds. Mulch also helps keep moisture in during the heat of the summer.
  • Choose your plants based on their care levels (how much water they need) and sunlight levels. Plant shade plants in shade and sun-lovers in the sun.
  • Native plants are best because they often require less care and are more drought tolerant.

Hot Tub Landscaping

#2: Leave Room

You don’t want to plant right up to your hot tub unless you’re spacing flowers in pots or planters around for decoration.

It’s best if your hot tub is on a pad, solid surface or patio. You can then plant in beds or pots around the spa.

#3: Planting Time

Here are the steps to follow for planting in the ground:

  • Work some compost into the soil and add extra dirt if necessary.
  • Dig holes the appropriate width and depth (you can find this on the plant tag).
  • Lay the plant in the hole, arrange and gently fill with dirt. Pat it down.
  • Add about three inches of mulch on top to suppress weeds and help maintain moisture.
  • Water new plants once a day until they are established, then follow the directions on the plant tag.
  • Add fertilizer according to bottle directions.

When planting in pots or planters, be sure to use quality soil. Plant your plants and water daily. Pay attention to your plants as potted plants often need more water in the heat of summer.

Get Started on Hot Tub Landscaping

Now that you’ve got some tips for hot tub landscaping, it’s time to get started. Stop by if you have questions. Don’t have a hot tub? Check out our selection of Hot Spring Spas, Caldera Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs and Freeflow Spas.