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Tips for Winter Grilling on Your Traeger Grill

Yes! You can grill in the winter and during the holidays. Spend more time outside this fall and winter!  If you haven’t ever grilled during the winter, it’s the season to put your Traeger grill to the test.

You can enjoy the delicious flavor of your Traeger grill all winter long! We’ve put together a list of tips for winter grilling on your Traeger grill to get you started:

Tip #1:

Bundle up when grilling outdoors in the winter.

Tip #2:

Clear any ice or snow from the path to your grill. Dust any snow off your grill and remove the protective cover.

Tip #3:

Flip the switch to light your grill. You can expect it to take about 15 minutes to warm up. This is normal as it takes a bit longer to warm up when it’s cold outside.

Get grilling! Think breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think meats, vegetables and even baked goods like our recipe for Holiday Brownie Pie.

Tip #4:

Try cold smoking on your Traeger. Winter is the perfect time as the cold helps keep the cool inside to get the hardwood smoke flavor to permeate the food.

Tip #5:

Never put your smoker grill in the garage or an enclosed patio to keep it warm.

Tip #6:

Keep the grill closed as much as possible to help conserve the heat.

Consider an insulation blanket to wrap your grill, keep the heat inside and conserve hardwood pellet consumption.

Hardwood pellet fuel burns quicker in temperatures below 35°F. An insulation blanket keeps the metal hot and the heat in, preventing the escape of good hardwood heat.

Tip #7:

Have something ready to enclose the food in when running from grill to house. You want to keep your food warm!

Tip: Enclose food to keep it hot when transporting it in chilly air.

Whether it’s sunny and warm or cool and overcast, every day is a great day to get Traegering. You can Traeger anything, veggies, meat, or sweets all year long. Let the flavor reign over your household!

Traeger can help you live a healthy and flavorful lifestyle.

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