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We Answer Your Top Questions About the Chlorine Shortage

If you own a swimming pool, you’ve probably heard about the chlorine shortage. Is it really bad?

In this article as our General Manager, Chris Mansfield, answers all your questions about the shortage. We are here for you, we’ll tell you how!


Is there a chlorine shortage in the Wichita area?


Yes, there is. It’s actually nationwide.

There are a combination of factors at play. First, there was a chemical plant fire in August 2020 which has destroyed some manufacturing capacity. BioLab, one of the country’s major suppliers of chlorine tablets, suffered a fire right after Hurricane Laura near Lake Charles, Louisiana.

In addition, due to the pandemic, there’s be an unprecedented surge in demand. The pandemic created a boom in home improvements and backyard swimming pools. This in turn creates a higher demand for chlorine.


What are you doing to make sure your customers have the chlorine they need?


Well, when we heard the news of the fire we knew immediately we needed to react quickly!

So, we pre-orded enough chlorine shock and tablets to last us through August of 2021.  However, we are finding our supply is starting to grow low with the demand out there.

We are ordering more every week, but we may not see those orders for three to six weeks after they are placed. With that being said, we are limiting the amount a customer can buy at one time based on the size of their pool and what they need for a pool season.


If I’ve never shopped at UM before, can I buy chlorine from you?


Absolutely!  We always welcome new customers and encourage them to do a free water test with us.  We have products in stock and with our limitations on purchases, we should have enough to service everyone.


How much chlorine should I buy for the summer?


Please only what you need. Based on the size of your pool and how many weeks you plan on using your pool, we have a program that calculates what you need.

And, if you start to run low, we should be restocked by the end of June so you can come back and buy a little extra to make sure you make it through the season.


When do you think the shortage will be over?


The chemical company who owns the plant that burned down says they will be up and running at full capacity in the spring of 2022.  I would estimate this shortage will run into the summer of 2022, though, as there will still be a high demand for the chemicals this plant produces.


How can I conserve chlorine?


Our customers that use BioGuard products find they spend less money by buying higher quality products. These higher quality products last longer, do more for your pool, and prevent problems that can lead to costly remedies.

We encourage anyone who isn’t currently following our water care program to come in and see us soon!  We promise you will have a better swim season with less maintenance and issues!

To Conclude

At Ultra Modern, customer service is our number one priority. With three locations to serve you and many expert team members, we are here to help. If you have more questions, please let us know!

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