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Can I Use Household Bleach Instead of Pool Chlorinating Liquid?

Chlorinating Liquid is a great option for your swimming pool. Household bleach is most definitely not.

Household bleach is not a pool chemical. So, to answer your question, “Can I use household bleach instead of pool chlorinating liquid?” There are several key differences regular household cleaning bleach has from liquid chlorine formulated specially for use in pools. Watch this video to learn more.

BioGuard Chlorinating Liquid

BioGuard Power Chlorinating Liquid is a pool shock in a quick-dissolving liquid form. It won’t cloud your pool, and it’s calcium-free. It’s safe for all pool and filter types. It comes in a one-gallon container.

  • Instantly add chlorine to the water.
  • Excellent for sanitizing small vinyl-lined pools.
  • Pouring application only.
  • Can be used with your 3-Step BioGuard Care System.

Chemical Sale Coming Soon

Mark your calendars for our annual chemical sale coming soon!

Save 15% OFF chemicals February 25-28! You can pre-order your chemicals now! Offer valid on in-stock chemicals only, and you must pick them up by February 28. Stock up now on everything you need for the pool season – we have plenty of chlorine!

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Will Water Testing Help Me Improve My Pool’s Chlorine Situation?

Water testing is key for your swimming pool.

We should test it for you at least once a month. You should also test it every couple of days on your own as well! Learn more in this video about whether water testing will help improve your pool’s chlorine situation.

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