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Why You Need Chlorine Tablets in Your Pool

The most important chemical for your swimming pool is chlorine. Let’s look at why you need chlorine tablets in your pool.

Once you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you want to take care of it. You want it to be healthy to swim in and safe for all swimmers. You also want it to be bacteria and algae free while also being crystal clear.

This is where chlorine comes in.

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What is Pool Chlorine?

First, chlorine keeps your pool water safe to swim in. It’s a highly effective pool sanitizer because it destroys waterborne pathogens. With chlorine in your pool, you can keep all sorts of nasty bugs away from swimmers.

While you can add chlorine to your pool in several different was, the easiest way is with chlorine tablets.

How Do You Use Chlorine Tablets?

It’s quite easy to add tablets to your swimming pool.

Many pool owners add the tablets to their skimmer while the filter is running. You’ll find that the tablets dissolve quickly and efficiently this way. Why? Because the water is running through your skimmer basket. The clean water then filters out into your pool.

Another way to use tablets is with a floating dispenser. While the dispenser with your chlorine tablets floats around the pool, they dissolve. This can sometimes cause issues if the dispenser gets stuck in one part of your pool.

Final Thoughts

Chlorine destroys algae and bacteria in your pool. Chlorine tablets help keep your water sparkling clear and clean.

It’s a good idea to buy your chlorine tablets from your trusted pool store. This way you know you are getting a top notch product!