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Why Pool Closing Complete?

As we move further into September and even take a peek into October, many of you are thinking about closing your pools. While it isn’t quite time yet to close your pool, it’s getting close.

For those of you closing your pool this winter, we are going to look at “Why Pool Closing Complete?” We’re also going to touch on the best ways to close your pool with a video from our friends at BioGuard.

Your Pool Requires Care All Year Long

You may be very well-versed in the proper pool chemicals and pool products to get you through spring, summer, and fall. But what about the off-season?

Did you know we have specific products that are designed to care for your pool during the months when your pool is not being used?

For those of you closing your pool, you’ll want to pay special attention to these products, especially Pool Closing Complete. Closing your pool with the right chemicals means you’ll have an easier spring opening and save time, effort, and money!

Steps for Closing Your Pool

Closing your pool this fall or winter? The pool chemicals you need during the off-season are different than what you used all summer. Before closing your pool, you want first to test your water, make sure it’s balanced, and then you want to add the right chemicals. Check out this video for info.

Pool Closing Complete™

This is one chemical you don’t want to be without when you close your pool! It provides the all-important final touch. It’s a three-in-one formula that not only saves you time, but it keeps issues at bay during your spring opening.

In addition, Pool Closing Complete:

  • Protects your pool in the off-season during cooler winter temperatures with anti-corrosion and anti-scale properties
  • Adds water line protection
  • Saves valuable timing at opening
  • Works on all pool types (in-ground, above ground, chlorine, bromine, and saltwater)
  • It works great with BioGuard Arctic Blue Winter Kits

Ready to Close Your Pool?

If you want some help closing your pool, our expert staff is ready to help! Contact us below to get on our schedule!