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Backyard Blogging.

Winter is a Great Time to Renovate Your Pool

Have you had your pool for a long time, and you’d like a refresh? Or, perhaps you have cracks and leaks in and around your pool, and you’d like to renovate.

Winter is a great time to renovate your pool and here’s why:

You Aren’t Using It

The most natural reason winter is a great time for renovations is that you aren’t using your pool during the winter in Kansas.

What’s more, if you start your renovations now, it’s more likely you’ll be enjoying your pool in the early spring months.

You Usually Don’t Have to Wait to Renovate

Generally speaking, pool personnel are less busy during the winter, so it’s more likely they can get to your pool renovations sooner than they could if you were scheduling them in the springtime.

This means you can enjoy your pool on the first warm day!

What Renovations Can You Do?

While there are many options, here are three you might consider:

  1. Replace your pool plaster. If your pool is 10 years or older, the chemical you put in the water may have caused the plaster to crack or become worn. Replastering your pool makes it look so much better.
  2. Replace your pool tile. If your tile is chipped or worn, it may be time to replace it. If you consider this minor investment, you’ll find your pool looks great come springtime.
  3. Repaint your pool. Paint can do wonders for the appearance of your pool. It can turn a drab pool into one that sparkles and looks refreshingly clean.
  4. Replace your liner. If your liner is worn or torn, it’s a good idea to replace it. This will immediately rejuvenate your pool!

So, are you ready to start? Contact us today for your pool renovation consultation!

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