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Backyard Blogging.

3 Questions to Discuss with Your Family About Your New Pool

You’re ready to “take the plunge” and put an inground swimming pool in your backyard. It’s a great investment in your home as well as a place for a lifetime of memories with your friends and family. And you probably have some questions.

As you decide what you’re looking for in an inground pool, you want to talk a few things over with your family. Making the right choices when choosing a pool are vital to your future enjoyment. These decisions will determine the design, shape, size, and features of your new pool.

Let’s look at three questions to discuss with your family about your new pool.

Question #1: What is the Purpose of Our New Pool?

When you sit down for your family meeting, ask them what they want to do in the pool. The answers to this question is important to share with your pool designer.

For example, you are most likely going to find your family has multiple uses for your new pool. Here are some you might come up with:

  • “I want to swim laps.”
  • “I want to do water aerobics.”
  • “Our new pool will be where I sunbathe and get a tan.”
  • “It will be the perfect spot to play basketball and volleyball with my friends.”
  • “It’s a place for my friends and I to hang out in the summer.”
  • “We can have big parties.”
  • “I want to relax in the pool.”
  • “I want to dive and do tricks.”
  • “It will make our backyard beautiful.”

Think about the ages of your children as well. If you have younger children, you may need a shallow area. Or perhaps you want an infinity edge.

Your children may want a diving board or a water slide. Or, maybe you have a diver in your household who’d appreciate a deep end.

If your family wants to use the pool for fitness, you’ll want to consider what type – swimming laps or strength and cardio in the shallow end. If swimming laps is what your family wants, you might consider a longer pool.

Another reason you might want a pool is to make your backyard more beautiful. Perhaps you really only want to use it occasionally. Then you might choose a smaller pool.

Will you entertain in your backyard? perhaps you’d like a tanning ledge or a swim up bar. You might also consider adding an outdoor kitchen near your pool, a fire pit, or a seating area.

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Question #2: What Do We Want It to Look Like?

The next question and consideration is what you want your pool to look like. In addition, you want to discuss the area around your pool.

Here are few things to look at:

  • Do you have a uniquely shaped yard? If so, would a rectangular pool work best, or do you need a freeform pool?
  • Will you throw large backyard pool parties? If so, you may need a larger pool deck area to accommodate people, patio furniture, an outdoor kitchen, and even a dance floor.
  • Do you want to add some color changing LED pool lighting in your pool? If so, your pool designer should know about this.
  • Is your backyard small?
  • Do you want to save space in your backyard for a hot tub, trees, a vegetable garden, or a grassy area for your pets and children to play?
  • When thinking of placement of your pool, do you want it right outside the back door or further away?
  • What room in your house should overlook the pool? Your kitchen? Your living room?

Thinking about some of these things can help us design the right pool for you. In addition you want to think about privacy or noise concerns.

This might lead you to consider a large water feature in your pool such as a rock waterfall or fountain. The water’s white noise can cut down on street noise.

Finally, consider any mobility or special needs. For example, does someone in your family need wheelchair access to the pool?


Question #3: Do We Want a Hot Tub?

Many people add a hot tub at the same time they’re building their swimming pool and putting together their dream backyard.

A spa is a great addition and can help improve your overall wellness as well as that of your family.

What’s more, it’s always invigorating to go from your pool to your hot tub and back again during the summer.

A hot tub provides you with hydrotherapy. Through the massaging jets, your whole family will feel better.

So, ask your family what they think about hot water hydrotherapy and whether they’d like a hot tub.

Don’t forget that if anyone in your family has sleep issues, a hot tub can do wonders for them.

You can also use a hot tub year round in colder climates, so it’s a great addition alongside your swimming pool.

As you build your pool, adding a hot tub at the same time can also help you find the perfect spot for it so it blends in seamlessly with your new inground pool.

Final Thoughts on These Three Questions

Now that we’ve looked at these three questions, it’s time to get started!

The most important thing about your new pool and backyard area is that it suits your lifestyle, your needs, and your budget. By involving your whole family in some of these important questions, you can ensure your pool works great for everyone.

Your new aquatic retreat is just around the corner.

You know what is best for you and your family! Schedule your consultation with our pool designer and let’s get started on your pool wish list!

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