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3 Tips for Extending Your Pool Season

Well, we don’t have to tell you it’s July-hot outside this year! It seems like the warm weather in the Wichita area often seems to last forever.

It’s a great time to swim, and leaving your pool open longer is really inviting. So, why is it that many pool owners only leave their pools open for a few months each season?

Did you know that you can leave your pool open longer for maximum enjoyment?

By leaving it open longer, you can enjoy your pool well into September and sometimes even early October. It gives you and your family a place to rest, relax, and rejuvenate over the weekend!

Let’s look at three tips for extending your pool season.

#1: Use a Swimming Pool Heater

The best way to ensure your pool is warm in the late fall and early spring is with a swimming pool heater. It’s a great way to extend your pool season.

You’ll find several different types of pool heaters. Some will heat the water more quickly than others. Some use less energy and cost less to run.

Your pool heater works like the heater in your home. But, instead of heating rooms, it heats your pool.

The bonus with a pool heater is that even on cool, cloudy days, you’ll still enjoy a warm, soothing swim.

Latham Axiom 12 Deluxe Fiberglass Pool Lifestyle (1)

#2: Use a Solar Cover

Using a solar pool cover harnesses the energy from the sun to heat your pool and helps extend your pool season. So, while the cover is on, your water is heating up. When you remove the cover, your pool is warm and comfortable.

If you use a solar cover, you can extend your pool season a few months into the fall and open a few months earlier in the spring.

The one drawback is that on cloudy days, the solar cover can’t work to heat your pool. So, you might not be up for a less-than-lukewarm swim.

#3: Install a Pool Enclosure

Turn your outdoor pool into an “indoor” pool with a swimming pool enclosure. This encases your swimming pool and creates a warm space for swimming.

These are usually glass enclosures that work to seal warm air in. They also protect your pool from debris, rain, dirt, and more.

You control the temperature inside the enclosure, making it a great way to extend your pool season all year long.

Final Thoughts

You can extend your pool season in Kansas so you can enjoy your swimming pool longer. Whether it’s for exercise, family fun, or relaxation, we think extra days in the pool are a bonus.

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