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Backyard Blogging.

7 Reasons a Pool Makes the Perfect Christmas Gift

Tired of buying multiple gifts like clothes, jewelry, and techie gifts for your family? Looking for a meaningful family gift that everyone will enjoy? Want to give an “experience” gift? Let’s look at seven reasons why a swimming pool is the perfect Christmas gift this year.Let’s look at seven reasons a pool makes the perfect Christmas gift and why you should give (or ask for) a swimming pool this holiday season!

#1: Family Memories

The number one reason a swimming pool is the perfect gift is that it’s for everyone! Whether it’s just your family using the pool daily during the swim season, or it’s having party for friends and family, it’s the perfect gathering spot.

You’ll make family memories that last for a lifetime. What’s more, it is beautiful to look at all season long (Yes! You can leave your pool open all year.)

#2: Backyard Workouts

The swimming pool is a private workout spot for everyone in your family. It’s great for traditional lap swimming, but it’s also a superb place for water aerobics and even water yoga. Because of the water’s buoyancy, it’s easy on joints, so it’s the perfect workout for people of all ages.

You’ll also find it’s the idea spot to come out of your winter hibernation. Get back in shape each spring with your swimming pool. This can happen with regular exercise or simply burning calories playing with your kids in the pool.

#3: Smart Investment

Your swimming pool isn’t just a fun place to be. It can generally increase the value of your home. In our post-pandemic times more and more people are staying closer to home. The swimming pool has never been more popular.

#4: Swim School

Everyone needs to learn to swim. When you have your own pool in your backyard you can get your kids used to the water at a young age. You can also teach them to swim or hire someone to come to your house.

Your own backyard pool provides the perfect place to practice, too.

#5: Stay Cool

This is one of our favorite reasons to get a pool for the holidays. You’ll stay cool all summer long when you have your own relaxing retreat in the backyard. It’s a great way to beat the summer heat.

Plus, you don’t have to stay cooped up in the air conditioning in the summer, because your pool provides the perfect respite.

#6: Staycation Spot

People are looking for ways to make staying close to home more enjoyable for their families. There’s no better staycation spot than your own backyard pool. You can create a backyard oasis that actually feels like you are on vacation.

Just imagine all the memories you’ll create right at home.

#7: Entertainment Hub

A backyard pool is a great spot for entertaining. Whether you’re having full blown pool parties or a cocktail party around the pool, the pool is the centerpiece of your backyard.

Entertaining in and around the pool makes your guests feel like their on vacation. Add some floating lights and some string lights in the trees, and the setting is complete.

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Christmas Gift

Now that we have looked at the seven reasons a pool makes the perfect Christmas gift, come see us today to get started! Winter is an ideal time to start planning your new pool. Outdoor living is more popular than ever, so if you want your pool when swim seasons begins, you want to get started now!

If you already have a swimming pool, don’t forget we have plenty of gifts for your family! Consider picking up some pool games, lighting, outdoor seating, or a grill to go with your dream backyard. We’ve got you covered when it comes to Christmas gifts!

Finally, make a lifetime of memories with your new swimming pool. You’ll have beautiful “moments” all year long!

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