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7 Reasons to Hot Tub in the Winter

Some people like to soak in the spring and fall, others like to soak in the summer, and some like to soak in the winter. Us? We like to soak year-round.

For all of you leary of hot tubbing when it’s freezing, check out seven reasons to hot tub in the winter.

1. Stay Warm

It seems like you can’t ever get rid of that winter chill. You may always feel cold, even indoors.

There is one sure fire remedy, and that’s with a hot tub soak. Grab your bathing suit, your heavy robe, and slippers, and head on out to your hot tub.

Climb in, relax, and enjoy the warm water as it swirls around you.

When it’s cold outside (and sometimes inside!), your hot tub will always keep you warm and cozy.

2 . Improve Your Immune System

Colds, flu, and Covid are everywhere, and you definitely don’t want to get sick.

Did you know that soaking in a hot tub can actually improve your health? Warm water soaks elevate your body temperature, and this can give your immune system a boost.

And if you do catch that cold, a hot tub soak can clear out your sinuses and relieve your cough!

3. Relieve Muscle Aches

We all have aches and pains. They may come from exercise, a bad night’s sleep, age, heavy lifting, and sitting for prolonged periods.

It seems like everyone we know has a pain somewhere!

The great news is that warm water hydrotherapy can rescue you from these aches and pains. Say goodbye to sore muscles and stiff joints after your soak.

8 Reasons to Hot Tub in the Winter

4. Get Rid of Stress

Stress is terrible for your health and your immune system. For many people, it’s unavoidable. So, how do you relieve stress so you can relax more and release all that tension?

You can do all of this by immersing yourself in hot water.  A hot tub soak can work wonders on your stress and leave you feeling better every single day.

5. Sleep Sounder

It’s a proven fact that soaking in your hot tub for 15-20 minutes about an hour or so before bedtime can help you sleep better and fall asleep faster.

A hot tub soak relieves tension and soothes tired, sore muscles. In addition, as your body temperatures drops when you get out of the hot tub, your body is now prepared for sleep.

6. Leverage Hydrotherapy

When your muscles and joints are cold, you’re more likely to pull or strain them during physical activity. In chilly temperatures, soaking in your hot tub before exercise can help warm you up and prepare your body for a safer workout, while soaking after a workout can relax and soothe aching muscles or stiff limbs. Learn more about integrating your hot tub with exercise in this guide.

7. Socialize and Celebrate

It’s winter, and you have a lot of socializing and celebrating to do. Why do it all inside?

A hot tub is a perfect place for gathering with friends and family. Imagine a hot tub soak with your teens without their smartphones. And imagine hanging out with your friends on the weekend in your hot tub? It’s like having your very own backyard retreat, staycation, outdoor room, and party space!

To Conclude

The winter blues are a real thing. We spend so much time inside that we forget how nice it is outside. We’re busy with the holidays, kids’ schedules, and work. When you add that to the lack of daylight in the winter, things can look pretty glum.

One of the best ways to head off the winter blues is by spending time outside in your hot tub. You’ll enjoy the massage and the warm water hydrotherapy. On top of that, you’ll watch the moon and stars at night and enjoy the birds during the day.

Finally, your body will thank you as your soak relieves stress, and aches and pains!