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Backyard Blogging.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Pick a Spa

Transform your home with a backyard spa. Not only can you start and end your day in perfect relaxation, but you’ll have a place to reconnect with yourself as well as your loved ones.

Your spa is an ideal place to refresh, rejuvenate, and enhance your well-being. As you  ponder purchasing a spa, take a look these eight questions to ask yourself before you pick your spa.

You’ll find the answers will help you make a good buying decision when choosing a hot tub to enjoy for many years. You can also download the information.

Question #1: Who Do You Imagine in Your Spa?

  • Who do you see in it?
  • Is your hot tub a retreat for yourself?
  • Will it include space for someone special?
  • Or will you even welcome your family and friends?

It helps to know who you will invite to use your spa before you choose one. Hot tubs come in many sizes and variations, and knowing who’ll use it can help you choose wisely.

Question #2: How Important is Comfort?

Only the best hot tub companies truly understand what it takes to make a comfortable spa. It’s much more than water temperature and jet pressure.

You want to choose a spa that makes your comfort a number one priority.

You’ll know you’ve found it when the spa is designed to ensure a relaxing experience.

  • The spa shell should cradle your body with ergonomically contoured seating.
  • Look for anchor points that enable you to comfortably place your feet so your body stayss in place while powerful jets massage your tired muscles.
  • Spacious footwells should let you stretch out without getting into other user’s space.
  • Look for simple-to-operate controls that do not intrude on your spa experience.

All of these help you find a hot tub that provides true comfort.

Question #3: Will You Use Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy jets target your major muscle groups to work away stress and melt tension.

When your spa that delivers hydrotherapy, you do more than relax. It can actually transform your life

.To gain the most from your hydrotherapy experience, look at types of jets and jet placement when comparing hot tubs. Jet count alone is only one thing to consider. Jet variety, how they are positioned and adjust-ability are all part of what enables a spa to provide hydrotherapy

Question #4: What Kind of Spa User are You?

Spa owners often look for three things: renewal, rejuvenation and reconnection. Some give more emphasis to one, some to a combination. Knowing what you’re looking for can help your dealer direct you to the right spa.

Question #5: Is Reliability Important?

Dependability and reliability are essential to any big purchase. That’s why we only carry the best hot tub brands.

Besides manufacturer reliability, you want to consider the materials, components and warranty. In addition to a reputable hot tub brand, you want a dealer who will stick with you for the life of your spa. At Ultra Modern, you can count us to do just that.

Question #6: Do You Value Transparency?

Communication is so important in our lives. And that includes knowing what hot tub owners think about the spa they purchased as well as how spa manufacturer take care of any issues. A great way to evaluate for yourself is to look online at spa ratings and reviews. Read about peoples experiences—positive and negative—as well as how manufacturers respond to ensure personalized service and favorable resolutions. There’s a wonderful community of spa owners out there who want to share their advice


Question #7: Do You Want It to be Easy-to-Use?

A hot tub should be easy to maintain. Yet when you compare spas, some brands are designed to be more friendly and approachable when it comes to maintenance than others. Water quality can be simple to manage through a Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generator. Also related to water quality are the type of filtration system and the square footage the system can handle. Naturally, high ratings and reviews concerning water heaters are important. Also consider exterior surfaces and materials, which can affect how easy it is to clean and maintain your spa


Question #8: Are Low Operating Costs Important?

A hot tub should also be affordable to operate. Innovations in performance at some spa manufactures have led to reduced operating costs. State-of-the-art hot tubs use less power and maintain heat better than other spas. Insulation and spa covers provide enhanced heat retention and there are even some water pumps that transfer eighty percent of the energy they use back into the water as heat. You can better relax knowing you own an energy-efficient spa.


To Conclude

The right hot tub can transform your life. It can truly make your life better and enhance your overall well-being.

If you’re ready to  pick out your new Caldera Spa, please contact us below. We’d love to show you the features that can help you feel more refreshed and energized every day.

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