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Buying a New Home? We Can Help

Mortgage interest rates are at all time lows right now in 2021. Does this have you thinking about buying a home?

Does your dream home have a pool or spa? The good news is, you’ll love either one of them! Take a look at the tips in this article! In addition, we can come out and inspect the pool or spa before your purchase to help you make the best decision!

If you’re thinking about buying a house with a pool or hot tub, there are some important things you need to know before you close the deal.

Buying a home with a swimming pool or hot tub can provide years of great memories with family and friends, while being a valuable asset. Here are some things to pay attention to before closing the home sale:

Get a Separate Pool and/or Hot Tub Inspection

Don’t rely on your home inspector to evaluate your pool or spa. Some might not even offer it, and if they do, they might not have the required expertise to evaluate a pool or spa.

Rely on a professional pool inspection. You don’t want any unforeseen surprises after you’ve already purchased your new home complete with a pool and/or hot tub. It’s wise to hire a professional pool company to thoroughly inspect the pool, hot tub and equipment. Rely on a company that’s been in business for a number of years.

Take a Look at the Equipment

Pools and spas include a lot of equipment. Not only should your new home come with a pool and spa free of leaks, you’ll need to have the pumps, filters, heaters and more inspected. Your inspector needs to look at the electronic equipment as well as the plumbing.

Don’t forget to check the surfaces around the pool – is the concrete or brick-work in good shape? Take a look at any included safety covers and the hardware that secures them.

Run the pool to inspect the equipment. Make sure your inspector turns the systems on to make sure they work.

Test for Leaks

The last thing you want is a pool or hot tub that leaks. You’ll want to pressure test the plumbing in the swimming pool for possible leaks.

Check for Safety

Is there a safety fence around your potential new pool or hot tub? Do you feel comfortable with the backyard’s safety features? If not, look into the costs so you know what to expect to pay to make your backyard safe for children and animals.

We Can Help!

Let us inspect your pool or spa for hidden problems before you make your final house decision!

Our industry-trained, expert technicians will inspect the major components and provide a written report. We don’t want anything to get in the way of your new home’s year-long fun and enjoyment! If you’re buying a new home with a pool or spa, let our service techs check it out!

After the Sale

So, you’ve bought the home complete with a new hot tub or pool. To ensure maximum enjoyment, brush up on cleaning and maintenance before your first soak or dive into the pool.

You’ll want to give everything a thorough cleaning before getting in since you don’t know how long the water’s been sitting.

Since you are new to being a hot tub or swimming pool owner, you’ll find it helpful to use the same pool company you used pre-sale to help get you started on the basics ins and outs of taking care of your new hot tub or pool.

Contact us if you’d like to set up a pool or spa inspection today!

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