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Create a Self-Care Ritual in 4 Steps

Life is stressful. Many of us are working from home, schooling kids, trying to maintain some normalcy, and keeping everything clean. That’s stressful!

These are challenging times, and it’s important to take of your overall physical and mental health and well-being. Let’s look at how to create a self-care ritual in four steps.

Take Care of Yourself

Before you can take care of your family and work needs, you’ve got to take care of yourself. While that may sound vain, it’s really not. Because if you aren’t taking care of you, you won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

You can liken this to traveling on an airplane. They always tell you to put your oxygen mask on first. Why? Well, if you aren’t breathing, you can’t help your kiddos with their masks.

There’s no reason to wait for self-care – in fact, you owe it to yourself and to your family.

Self-care is essential to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Ignore it, and life has a way of forcing the issue by throwing challenges your way. Schedule restorative time now to ensure you stay healthy.

Here are the four steps to make it happen.

Step #1: Say Goodbye to the “Shoulds”

Don’t make a ritual that feels like work or a chore. It should be a ritual that you are committed to because you truly enjoy it.

Step #2: Personalize Your Ritual

Personalize your ritual so that it is specifically tailored to you. This might mean getting up and doing some yoga and then soaking in your hot tub with your morning coffee.

You could take a walk, weed your garden, sit out under the stars, meditate, or just read a book.

Whatever it is, make sure it suits you and your needs and is something you enjoy and will look forward to.

Step #3: Make a Schedule

Self-care won’t happen if you don’t schedule it.  Some of the best times to work it in are before your day, in the middle, or at the end.

Put it in your datebook, and set a reminder on your phone or smart watch. Remember this is your time, and nothing comes before it.

Step #4: Don’t Feel Guilty

You aren’t being selfish taking care of yourself. In fact, it is quite self-less. Don’t feel guilty about. While you’re taking time for yourself, you’re recharging for family, friends, and co-workers.

Your self-care routine shows in your patience and care towards others.

Final Thoughts

Our favorite self-care ritual is a daily soak in our hot tub. The warm water massage is right out the backdoor, and it makes you feel good no matter what time of day it is.

It’ super easy to get started with a hot tub ritual. If you have a spa, commit to it. If you don’t, we are here to help!

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