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Dealing with Leaves in the Pool

It’s fall, and that means you are dealing with leaves falling everywhere. And that means they’re probably in your pool.

Whether you’re leaving your pool open for a little while longer, or you’ve already covered it, you want to take steps to get the leaves out of your pool and off your pool cover.

If you’re dealing with leaves in the pool, let’s look at how to tackle the problem.

Take Advantage of Your Pool Cover

A solid safety cover is the best choice for keeping leaves out of your pool. Using a cover not only keeps your pool clean, but if you’re still using it this fall, it helps you conserve the heat from your pool heater.

It’s certainly easier to use your pool cover than to be constantly skimming the pool.

Keep your pool cover clean by eliminating any standing water and using a leaf blower or garden hose to blow off the leaves.

Mesh safety covers can also help you clean your pool in autumn. When you want to use your pool, simply blow the leaves off the cover, pull it back, and your pool is ready.

Install Leaf Blocks

You can also set up a blockade around your pool to keep leaves out.

Use hedges, bushes, low fences, or retaining walls to block the wind and subsequent blowing leaves. This keeps the leaves from getting into your pool because they’re stopped by the barrier.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

Keep your trees trimmed around your pool and be sure and trim all dead branches.

By doing this, you keep the number of leaves down that can fall into your pool.

Consider planting small to medium size trees around your pool that don’t lose as many leaves. Think large-leafed and tropical trees. Avoid flowering trees as they drop seeds, flowers, and leaves.

Removing Leaves from the Pool

If your pool is still open, you want to keep the leaves out. Regular cleaning keeps you from a bigger problem if the leaves accumulate.

Consider using a leaf rake that has a bag attached to it. You can push this across the surface for faster cleaning.

It’s also great for scooping leaves off the pool floor. It takes a bit to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a clean pool in no time.

Final Thoughts

Stop by one of our three locations to see your options when it comes to cleaning leaves from your pool or your cover or simply keeping them out of the water.

You’re sure to find an option that will work for you!

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