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Backyard Blogging.

Decorate Your Backyard for Halloween

It’s October, and that means Halloween is just around the corner.

In this article we look at how to decorate your backyard for Halloween. There’s still plenty of time to plan your socially-distanced, safe pandemic Halloween party!

If you haven’t closed your pool yet, we’ve got some fun ideas for Halloween decor and your swimming pool!

Use Pumpkins

You’ve probably seen floating watermelons in swimming pools in the summertime. How about dropping in some pumpkins? It’s a fun way to decorate your pool for your Halloween party.

You can also decorate in and around your pool with carved pumpkins. Carve the pumpkin and put a tealight inside. Scatter them around your pool, or set them in the water to light up your pool.

If real pumpkins aren’t something you want to use, get some inexpensive plastic pumpkins and set those in your fall pool. If you’re using plastic pumpkins, get some battery operated tea lights to set inside.

Use Dry Ice

Before we give you some ideas, remember that dry ice can burn skin if you touch it, so please handle with care.

You can make your backyard look extra spooky with dry ice. Set up the dry ice in a corner of your yard by the pool so the fog settles over the swimming pool.

Add the Ambiance

Get out your pool floats. Then visit your local party store for a blow up skeleton or spider. Set them on top of the pool float in your pool.

You can add tombstones around your yard and pool. Add spider webs in the bushes and trees.

Spooky music is a must! Or, you can add some spooky sounds.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that during the pandemic, your backyard is the safest place for your Halloween party. Offer masks as party favors and be sure to set tables and chairs a safe six feet apart. Finally, consider individual servings sizes of food so people aren’t sharing utensils!

Have a great time this Halloween and stay safe!