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Backyard Blogging.

Discover How the Big Green Egg is Created

Big Green Egg has been producing the highest quality ceramic cookers since 1974. They are some of our most favorite grills. With seven sizes to choose from, some of our customers even have more than one!

In this article and video we discover how the Big Green Egg is created.

Big Green Egg Excels

They are not just setting the standard for excellence. Big Green Egg is constantly evolving their products with innovative ideas. They seek new opportunities to make the best even better … this is what makes the EGG such an enduring brand.

For over a quarter-century, Big Green Egg has proudly manufactured our ceramic products in a state-of-the-art and ISO certified (International Organization for Standardization) manufacturing facility – literally one of its kind in North America. This certification ensures that their factory meets the highest standards for factory management, methods of production and production quality.
Virtual Journey

Since we can’t take you into their manufacturing plant, we’d like to bring the facility to you! Join us on a virtual journey through the crafting of a Big Green Egg. We hope you enjoy the ride!