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Do I Need Wi-Fi?

If you’re like most of us, your time is at a premium. That’s just one of the reasons we love Traeger WiFIRE® technology. In this article, we answer the questions, “Do I need Wi-Fi?”

We’re sure you’ll agree that taking command of your grill from your sofa or on-the-go using your phone is the most amazing thing.

Traeger WiFIRE® is Control in Your Pocket

The future of grilling has arrived with Traeger’s WiFIRE® technology. You can use the WiFi controller to connect your smartphone to the grill via the Traeger App.

This gives you the ultimate control. All you have to do is download the Traeger App on your smartphone and connect it to the Wi-Fi-enabled controller for total control.

Traeger WiFIRE® Lets You Download Recipes

One of our favorite things about their technology is the ability to use the Traeger grillguide®.

Amazingly, you can download hundreds of wood pellet grill recipes directly to your WiFIRE® controller. This means you have access to get step-by-step guidance through you entire cook cycle with grillguide®.

The recipe is right there, and grilling has never been easier!

You Have Total Control

With Traeger Wi-Fi enabled grills, you can change temperatures, monitor your food temps and add smoke from anywhere, at any time, right from your smartphone.

To Conclude

Are you convinced yet? If you’re looking for a connected wood-pellet grill, the Traeger is your best bet. Stop by any of our three show rooms today to experience for yourself!

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