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Backyard Blogging.

Family Game Night Provides Safe Wintertime Fun

We are all staying home more due to COVID-19, and your family may be looking for things to do together! Have more family game nights with your own pool table, learn new skills, and learn sportsmanship while improving communication…

Family game night provides safe, wintertime fun. Everyone in your house benefits from hours of family togetherness. During this fun-filled night, you and your family compete, show off your skills and learn sportsmanship while improving communication.

When you schedule regular family game nights, you emphasize the importance of spending quality time together as a family. It’s a great time to bond and build your relationships.

Plus, family game night creates healthy habits. It’s a good brain exercise, and let’s face it, sometimes indoor games are good physical exercise, too.

Game night keeps the kids away from the television or electronic game center, and it gets everyone doing something together.

Let’s not forget that family game night is fun, too! It is full of laughs, hugs and a great time.

Make memories with your family during this “mini-vacation” – they’ll look forward to it all week! Follow a few simple steps to make your evening a success:

  • Turn off all smartphones, tablets and the television.
  • Make sure homework is done.
  • Write the date on your calendar so everyone can look forward to it with anticipation.
  • Vary the games you play for everyone’s enjoyment. Think billiards, shuffleboard, ping pong and more!

Now is a perfect time to outfit your game room with a new family game! Check out our American made, hand-crafted, Olhausen tables, shuffleboards and ping pong conversion kits. Stop by one our locations to learn more and spice up your days and evenings with a billiards table or shuffleboard from Ultra Modern!