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Get Your Hot Tub Ready for a Winter Storm

Winter is here, and that means snow may be right around the corner. Let’s talk about how to get your hot tub ready for a winter storm.

It’s important to prepare your hot tub for a winter storm especially if it involves snow, ice and the potential for a loss of power.

Here’s how to get your hot tub ready for a winter storm:

Before the Storm

Turn up the temperature. Turn your hot tub to 104 degrees or the temperature your hot tub manufacturer recommends for winter-time use. Make sure you turn summer or economy mode off. With the higher hot tub temperature, you have more time before you have to worry about the hot tub freezing. This is especially important in an ice storm, and you anticipate losing power.

If You Lose Power

If you drain your spa, be prepared to winterize the spa and equipment per the manufacturer’s instructions, or don’t drain it.

Leave the hot tub cover closed if you don’t have a generator. If your hot tub is set to 104 degrees, you may not have to worry about your hot tub freezing for several days.

If you have a generator, plug an extension cord from the generator into a submersible pump, and put the pump in the hot tub. The heat from the pump will help keep the water circulating, thus preventing it from freezing.

If you have any problems with your hot tub after the storm, please give our service team a call. We can help you with service and repair.