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Backyard Blogging.

Get the Garden Around Your Pool Ready for Spring

It’s gardening time. And are your ready for spring and pool opening time? We are, too! In this article, we look at tips for taking care of your backyard landscaping around your pool to get yard and beds in shape.

Here’s how to get the garden around your pool ready for spring.

When the first bulbs peek out of the ground, the weather starts to warm, and the first signs of weeds rear their heads, you know that it’s time to show your garden some care. This is especially true if your swimming pool is the centerpiece of your backyard. You don’t want anything detracting from its beauty.

Here are some tips for starting the outdoor season right.

Get Out Your Trimmers

Most homeowners have plenty of bushes in the yard and around the pool as well as perennials. Spring is a good time to trim both your bushes and your perennials.

For perennials, you can most often trim them to the ground. For bushes, trim to your likely.

You also want to remove any weeds that may be growing around them.

Lastly, don’t forget to trim your trees and shrubs as needed. For large jobs, call in a professional.

Clean Your Beds

If you didn’t remove dead plants from your garden beds last fall, it’s time to do it know. Clean up leaves and dead plants by raking and cleaning out your garden beds.

Lay down some weed preventer if needed, being careful to avoid places where your flowers will go.

Mulch Your Beds

Once your beds are cleaned out, you want to put down some mulch. Not only does this make an attractive presentation around your pool, but it helps keep the weeds under control.

The best rule of thumb is one-three inches of mulch to prevent weeds and keep it from washing away. Feel free to leave any leftover mulch and add an inch to the top.


Spring is a good time to add some compost and fertilizer to your beds. Whether you’re expecting perennials to pop up, or your mixing in annuals, fertilizer will help maximize their beauty.

Check Your Edging

How are your beds outlined? If you have edging, straighten it up if it needs. Replace any that is damaged.

This not only beautifies your space, but it also keeps grass from growing in your beds.

Clean Your Patio Furniture

It’s time to bring out your patio furniture. You want to grab some good cleaner and a rag. We like 303 Cleaner. Wipe down your patio furniture and set it up on your deck or patio.

Time to Get the Garden Ready

Schedule Your Pool Opening

Since your backyard looks so good, you also want to schedule your pool opening. Let us take the worry and hassle out of opening your pool. Contact us today to get on the schedule

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re done, take a seat on your patio. Cozy up with loved ones and enjoy the view. It will soon be time to add some plantings to your spring garden. And, you can spend the next few months watching your flowers flourish while enjoying a dip in your pool!

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