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Backyard Blogging.

Be Green, Cook Outside

With Earth Day right around the corner, we encourage you to be green, cook outside!

There’s nothing quite look the feeling of cooking fresh food on your grill! Plus, in the summer, you keep the heat outside and the cool inside – a great way to reduce energy costs and save the environment.

Looking at the History

Cooking outside was the norm hundreds of years ago. Stoves took too long to heat up and made homes uncomfortable. So, logically, folks moved their cooking outside.

Then, electric and gas ranges came onto the scene increasing in popularity especially after the introduction of central air conditioning. Most people didn’t consider how much money they were paying for electricity and/or gas!

Today, people realize they are spending a lot of money to cool their homes, cook, and then cool their kitchens off again – especially in the Kansas heat. Many want to be green and cook outside not only to save money but to take it easy on the environment.

Cooking Outside is Fun

Outdoor cooking can be so much more than rolling the grill onto your patio and pulling out the charcoal. Outdoor living has taken over as the new normal, and you can enjoy cooking outside even more with a well-designed outdoor kitchen.

Consider backyard living as your new everyday go-to. It’s fun, easier to clean up, and better on the environment and your wallet.

Introducing Outdoor Kitchens Options

We are excited to introduce the Memphis Outdoor Kitchen Built In as well as grills from Big Green Egg, Traeger, and more.  You can create a truly custom look for your outdoor kitchen. We can help you design your own outdoor kitchen or choose the perfect grill.

If you thought an outdoor kitchen was beyond your reach, we want to change all that. Let us help you design and build an affordable outdoor kitchen yourself, in under a day! It can be one that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

When you add an outdoor kitchen or the perfect grill, you find you want to cook outside. During the summer heat, your home stays cooler, and as a bonus, the mess stays outside!


Stop by one of our three locations today and see how you can get started living the good life in your outdoor kitchen or contact us today!