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Grilling Tips for Spring

Grilling tips are here!

Spring has arrived in the greater Wichita area. That means many of us are heading outside, sweeping our patios, and uncovering our grills.

Grill masters, novices, and beginners: we’ve got some grilling tips for you for spring. Take note of our list, and you’ll soon be grilling every week!

Clean Your Grill

The first thing you want to do is clean your grill. This may mean different things to different people.

For example, if you cleaned your grill last fall before putting it away, all you need to do is wipe it down and get rid of dust. On the flip side, if you didn’t remove any left over food particles or burned food on your grill last year, you want to get out your scraper and brush and get at it.

In the future, always clean your grill after use so it’s ready to go whenever you want.

Get Out Your Tools

The next thing you want to do is take stocks of your tools. Are any of them in bad shape? Do you have all the tools you’d like? Was there something you wished you had last summer?

The most important tools usually include tongs, a spatula, a wire brush, scraper, and apron.

In addition, you want to keep your tools outside with you. This way you have everything you need at your fingertips. So, find a place to store your tools near the grill where they won’t get rusty.

Finally, do make sure to clean and sanitize them before each use.

Safety Tip: Cook Meat Indirectly

When grilling chicken or beef that takes a long time to cook, put the meat on the sides of your grill. This ensures they are exposed to the heat, but they aren’t right on top it with the potential for burning.

If you want a glaze on the outside, you can always place the meat in the middle of the grill at the end of the cooking. This gives you a light char on the outside, while the meat is cooked safely on the inside.

Safety Tip: Cook Your Veggies Separately

If you are cooking raw meat, you don’t want to cook your veggies right with them. Always keep your raw meat away from anything else until it is cooked.

In addition, wash your hands after touching raw meat, don’t reuse the plate raw meat was on, and use separate tongs for veggies and raw meat.

Safety Tip: Know the Proper Cooking Times

Different cuts and types of meat need to cook for different times. What’s more, veggies cook for varying amounts of time as well.

Know how long things need to cook so your meat is all cooked safely. You can also plan your cook so you know when to add different items such as meat, onions, peppers, potatoes, and any baked goods.

Safety Tip: Add a Fire Extinguisher

We’ll leave you with one last thought. Keep a fire extinguisher near your grill and make sure you have access to water.

You also want to know when to open and close air vents.

Always check your grill before starting it, and don’t keep it right up against the house when using it. Your ultimate goal is not starting a fire!

Final Thoughts on Grilling Tips

Grilling is one our favorite past times. With grills from Traeger, Big Green Egg, Saber, and Memphis, we’ve got just what you need to grill all year long!

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