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Happy Holiday Hot Tub Guests

With the holidays nearly here, it’s the perfect time to invite friends and family over to relax and catch up in the hot tub.

Since you’ll be entertaining your guests, and your spa is involved, you may be thinking about how to make your hot tub comfortable for your holiday guests.

Here are a few tips for sharing your hot tub and making the spa a place for good friends, family and great conversation! You’ll have happy holiday hot tub guests!

Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Make your guests feel pampered. Set out stacks of large, fluffy towels right near the hot tub. Grab some outdoor slippers for your guests, too. Go the extra mile and tie a festive tag on the slippers. This will keep grass and dirt out of your spa while keeping toes warm. Your guests will feel extra special!

It also goes a long towards making your guests warm and cozy when they slip out of the hot tub and into the chilly air. Add some candles or a string of lights. And, don’t forget the music!

Happy Holiday Hot Tub Guests

Provide Hot Tub Safe Snacks

Set out hot tub safe snacks – ones that will float if they fall in! Avoid snacks that will disintegrate in the water. Keep a pitcher of cold, refreshing drinks nearby.

Hot tub safe snacks include things like fresh veggies, olives and other items that you can easily get out of the water.

Stay away from crackers and potato chips as they crumble and fall apart in the water. It’s no fun to stay in the water once these items fall in, plus they’re hard to clean up.

Set out some cold, refreshing drinks for your guests. Smoothies, cranberry spritzers and iced drinks are great. Stay away from the alcohol when your guests are in the hot tub. Be sure and keep the glass away from your hot tub and hot tub area!

Create a Luxurious Experience

Stop by Ultra Modern and pick up some spa scents. You’ll create a luxurious spa experience for your guests with the aromatherapy and a relaxing, sensory experience. Spa scents not only smell good, they increase your spa enjoyment and refresh and revitalize your skin!

Have questions about holiday guests and your hot tub? If you need accessories or have questions about water care, please contact us!

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