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Having Pool Issues After the Fourth, But You Aren’t Sure Why?

The Fourth of July may be over, and everyone had a wonderful time at your pool party. But you may be left with water that’s a little out of control.

Are you having pool issues after the Fourth, but you aren’t quite sure why? There are several reasons you may be having water care problems, and we look at them here.

You Have Fireworks Ash in Your Pool

Even if you weren’t shooting fireworks at your house, debris such as ash can travel many miles. So, even if you didn’t have fireworks in your driveway, you may need to clean up your pool anyway.

If firework debris gets into your pool (whether you can see it or not), it needs to be vacuumed out or filtered out. What’s more, the chemicals in the ash can cause problems in your pool. For example, you might see your pH rise, which isn’t good for your pool.

So, filter and vacuum your pool, test the water, and then treat it appropriately. Don’t take any shortcuts here if you want to clean up your pool water.

It’s also a good idea to hose down your pool deck with your garden hose. This will keep swimmers from tracking in debris and ash.

Even if your pool looks clean, remember that ash can travel. You do want to test your water for phosphates and nitrates. You can’t see them, but they will cause issues with your pool chemistry.

Shock Your Pool

If you had high bather loads or other issues in your pool, you definitely want to shock it with BioGuard Smart Shock. Stop by and pick yours up today!

Bring Us a Water Sample

This is a good time to bring us a water sample so we can test it for you (for free) using our computerized ALEX system. It analyzes your water, and we provide you with a computer printout so you know what chemicals you do or don’t need.

Use BioGuard Pool Complete 911

You may know this chemical as Pool Juice 911. Nothing has changed except for the name!

We love this clarifier as it gets rid of filth from heavy pool usage. What’s more, it also has a filter aid and enzymes, so it can really help clean your water from all the sunscreen, oils, and pool ash.

Check out this video for a bit more information. Please do stop by or contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you at all three stores!