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High Tech Grilling on the Egg

Whether you’re a novice or expert griller, or you hit the competition circuit, you’ve probably heard about the Big Green Egg.

What you might now know is why it’s so great. In this article, we look at high tech grilling on the Egg, and why it might be right for you.

The Egg is High Performance

The Big Green Egg is all about quality and performance. It’s made from patented components and state-of-the-art ceramic technologies that provide unrivaled thermal properties, material quality and cooking performance.

You can count on the EGG because the materials have performed flawlessly for decades and in numerous extreme conditions.

EGG owners are known for passing their grills down to the next generation of grillers. The best part is the EGG comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The EGG is Easy to Start

You’ll find that the Big Green Egg reaches perfect cooking temperature and is ready to use in just minutes.

When you use 100% lump charcoal that’s made in the USA, you end up with terrific performance and results. Our charcoal is made from the best cuts of natural oak and hickory.

Lighting the Egg isn’t a struggle – in fact, it’s quick and easy because of the EGG’s use of efficient air flow technology.

What’s more, you can use a natural charcoal starter or an electric starter – whichever you prefer. Say goodbye to lighter fluid.

The EGG is Easy to Clean

Clean-up is easy, too. The residual heat burns away any grease build-up inside your EGG on your professional grade stainless steel cooking grid.

Plus, the green exterior is made with a lifetime glaze that wipes clean easily.

The Egg is Precise

The patented Big Green Egg airflow systems make it easy to grill, smoke and bake on your EGG at exact temperatures.

You have total control and the ability to maintain your temperature within just a few degrees to 750°F.

The Egg is Safe to Use

The Egg’s unique ceramic surface doesn’t get as hot as a metal grill, and you’re protected from the heat source because it’s in a ceramic fire box inside the base.

The Big Green Egg is extremely safe to use as the ceramic surface doesn’t get as hot as a metal grill, and the heat source is protected within a ceramic fire box inside the base.

 The Egg is Made for You

With more than seven sizes to choose from (mini to XXL), you’re sure to find one to fit your needs. Tailgaters, apartment and condo dwellers and homeowners will find the perfect size.

Pick your size by how many people you need to feed. Or, get a couple Eggs so you can cook extra or tailgate while leaving the big Egg at home.

The best way to customize the Big Green Egg and make it your own is by picking up some accessories to match your cooking style and dishes you like. There are a variety of cool and handy accessories that can help with any kind of cookout.

Final Thoughts

The Big Green Egg is a high-tech performance grill that works for beginners to experienced grillers.

To sum up why, here are a few more reasons why we love the EGG:

  • It’s versatile – you can use it as a smoker, grill and an oven.
  • You can find a multitude of Big Green Egg accessories to make your cooking easier and to get the most out of your Egg.
  • There are recipes all over, so you never need to worry what to cook – think breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and even appetizers!

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