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Backyard Blogging.

Hot Tub Games for the Whole Family

It seems like every year gets busier than the last, especially if you have kids. This makes it hard to find time to catch up and relax in a quiet environment.

Yet, this type 0f quiet time with your family is so important. Enter the hot tub. You can enjoy your whole family distraction-free! Hot tubbing is a great way to reconnect, laugh and have a great time.

Let’s look at hot tub games for the whole family.

Who Am I?

This is a great game for the hot tub as well as the swimming pool or on a car trip. Just imagine a cool evening in the hot tub playing this easy game. Here’s how to play.

  • The first player thinks of a person: this can be a family member, a famous person, someone they look up to, or even a teacher.
  • The same person gives a single clue. For example, a phrase that person is known for or something like, “I’m older than a teenager.”
  • The second player then asks a question, such as, “Are you famous?”
  • The first player answers “yes” or “no.”
  • The next player asks a different question.
  • The game continues until some guesses the person.
  • Once the mystery is solved, the player who guessed correctly goes next, and the game continues in the same way.


This is a brain-teasing game of quick wit that even adults will enjoy.

  • The first player thinks of something fortunate and ays it out loud to the group. For example, “Fortunately, it’s summer.”
  • The second player then states something unfortunate about summer, such as, “Unfortunately, it’s still cold outside.”
  • The next player then states something fortunate about the cold, such as, “Fortunately, I’m not cold; I’m in this warm hot tub.”
  • The next player states something unfortunate about the hot tub, such as, “Unfortunately, you’ll have to get out of the hot tub soon.”
  • The game continues until someone is stumped or states something that makes no sense.

I Can’t Believe That

This is a great game that helps hone everyone’s thinking skills. It also helps people open up and share things they might not normally share.

  • One player makes a statement. It can be true or false.
  • The other players take turns guessing if it is true or false.
  • Once everyone has gone, the first player tells if it is true or false.

Word Trails

This game is great for getting people to loosen up in the hot tub. Plus, it’s a great brain exercise because it starts out pretty easy and gets harder the longer the game goes on.

  • The first player states a word to start the game. For example, the player may start with the word, “the.”
  • The next player repeats that word and provides a second word that fits with the first. For example, the second player could say, “the car.”
  • The third player repeats the first two words, and then adds his own, extending the sentence. For example, “the car sped.”
  • The game continues until a player can’t repeat the chain of words.
  • To make the game more difficult, each player can add two words instead of one.

To Conclude

You can also watch a movie together in your hot tub. You can always have a hot tub monitor to watch. Or, you might even have a television in your outdoor room. Either way, it’s loads of fun to watch a movie together under the stars.

Hot tubs have so many benefits and extra family time is just one of them! You and your family will reap the benefits of quality time, relaxation, and a re-connection.