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Having a Hot Tub Party? Safety Tips for Your Family

Thinking about having a hot tub party? Perhaps your kids or your teenagers want one for Halloween?

Check out these safety tips for your family and make sure everyone is safe during the party. Just like in the pool, where water is concerned, you want to think about safety, have a Water Watcher and make some rules.

Your standards for safety in the hot tub should be as stringent as they are in the pool – after all a hot tub is a body of water.  Let’s look at some safety tips.

No One Soaks Alone

Whether you’re thinking about a late-night soak alone or you’re having a hot tub party, soaking without anyone knowing isn’t a good idea.

When you’re having a party, have a Water Watcher. When you’re soaking alone, tell someone you’re doing it so they can check on you if you soak longer than expected.

Don’t ever allow children in the hot tub without adults watching.

Keep the Cover On

You also want to make sure your hot tub cover is on when it’s not used. Another layer of security is adding a lock so small children can’t get it open.

This also keeps people from using your hot tub when you aren’t there.

Soak Together

If the party is for young children, some of them might be afraid. If so, soak with them.

You can also turn the jets off, so they don’t scare younger children. As their fear subsides, you can slowly turn them up.

Use a Cool Tub

You can always turn the heat down on your hot tub if it’s too warm outside or if you’d like to have a cold-water party.

Make Rules

Your teens and pre-teens will most likely roll their eyes at you but stick to your guns and make hot tub rules.

As the kids get bigger, their energy levels increase, their hormones kick in, and judgment can fall by the wayside.

Consider these rules for parties for older children:

  • No glass containers near the hot tub.
  • Make diving off-limits.
  • Keep the food in another area – no Cheetos in the hot tub!
  • No diving.
  • Keep the water in the tub – no splashing.
  • No couples in the hot tub.
  • Keep all electronics outside and away from the hot tub.

You still want to watch the older kids and have a Water Watcher.

Watch for Over-Heating

During a fun party, hot tubbers may not notice when they’ve had enough hot water. Watch out for this and asked kids and teens to take a break and cool down.

Provide plenty of water, so no one gets dehydrated. Snacks and age-appropriate drinks make the party that much more fun!

Final Thoughts on Safety Tips

Hot tub parties can be fun for everyone as long as your guests stay safe. Take precautions for safety while making sure the party is a resounding success!