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Backyard Blogging.

How to Buy a Pool

Buying a pool is a major investment, and if you’re considering it, you probably have some questions. In this article, we look at how to buy a pool that provides you a lifetime of memories.

How Do I Choose?

There are so many kinds of pools, it can be overwhelming. Let’s look at the differences.

First, pools are divided into two groups.  The two main categories are inground and the increasingly popular above ground pool.

Inground Pools

The inground pool is installed permanently.  The in-ground pool costs more to build and takes longer to install. Generally maintenance is higher than above-ground pools.  They are also taxable because the installation is permanent.

Above Ground Pools

The above ground pool is a prepackaged pool you can purchase and install over a weekend. It is made of various types of metal with various grades of vinyl liners.

Above ground pools come in all sizes and shapes.  Most insurance companies do not charge an extra premium for an above-ground pool.  It is also popular because the installation is not permanent and can be moved as necessary.  All the better above-ground pools have a warranty of 15-30 years to lifetime.  Various decks and fences are available.

Are Pool Chemicals Expensive?

Costs are varied depending on the type and size of your swimming pool.

Every backyard is different as are each family’s needs. Some yards have more sun, more trees and more blowing dust. Some pool see more kids swimming, and more hours of use.

We can tell you the average cost to maintain your pool once we know the size and a little more about your backyard conditions.

Learning how to take care of your pool properly is most important.  Ultra Modern Pool & Patio holds pool care training classes several times per year to teach you how to maintain your pool.

Can I Heat My Pool?

A heater can be added to your pool at any time during or after installation.  Heaters are gas or electric.

Also, the swimming pool industry has made the most significant advances in solar heating.  There are some good solar heating devices available at less than the cost of a heater.

Can I Install an Above Ground Pool Myself?

Yes!  Above-ground pools are generally made for the “Do It Yourself” type person.  The instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow.  Some even have videos to walk you through the process.

Naturally, the larger the pool and the more elaborate the set-up desired (I.e. a main drain or a 7’ deep end), the greater the degree of difficulty in the installation of the pool.  We also offer installation.

Because of the various options in installation, ease of site access, and distance if outside the metro area, prices vary.

Also, any degree of partial installation, such as digging and leveling, is available.  Ultra Modern can give you an estimate, but a solid cost is based on a site inspection done by the installer.

An important thing to remember on any installation is to view your copy of the installation video and instructions before the installers arrive.  Familiarize yourself with the steps they will follow.  If you come across any questions, please feel free to ask .

The pool is under warranty regardless of whether you do the installation yourself or have it installed as long as a few simple guidelines are followed:

  • Follow ALL directions – do not take any shortcuts.
  • DO NOT bury the pool walls beneath the ground unless manufacturer‘s guidelines are followed.

How to Buy a Pool

Do I Need a Permit?

Yes!  In most cities a permit is required.  Details about the City of Wichita are posted on our above ground pool walls in all our stores. Please read.  There are also special electrical requirements such as pool grounding for protection from lightning.

To determine where your pool can be placed in your backyard according to code requirements:

Call the City of Wichita (268-4461) or Sedgwick County (383-7951) or your local City Hall for further information.

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NOTE:  Always follow label directions and manufacturer’s instructions for each product used.  Conditions may vary from pool to pool.  Ultra Modern Pool & Patio does not assume any responsibility or liability for the results that may be obtained through utilization of this or any other program, procedure or product.

Image: Maarten van den Heuval