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How to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub

You take care of your spa, and you make sure the water is clean and the insides and bottom shine. But, have you thought about the parts of your hot tub you can’t see?

In this article, we look at how to deep clean your hot tub and reach all the equipment that’s out of eyesight. This will help you not only have crystal clear water, but you’ll reduce any stinky smells and scum in and around your spa.

Why Deep Clean?

You may wonder why a deep clean is important if you keep your water in good shape. Well, it’s like your home. Every once in awhile you need to really get to work and give things a deep clean.

In your hot tub, dirt can build up from oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products and sweat. Most of this buildup happens in places you can’t see.

When this grime gets inside your hot tub, it can prevent your filters from working at peak performance, and your water quality may suffer.

You want to perform a deep clean at least once a year to eliminate buildup inside and outside your spa.

This ensures that what you see is clean as well as what you can’t see.

How to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub

How to Know It’s Time

Like we mentioned, you should deep clean your hot tub at least once per year.

But, on occasion, you need to give your hot tub some extra TLC and an extra cleanup.

Don’t fight dirt, bacteria and chemical buildup – eliminate it.

Here are a few signs that it’s time for a deep cleaning:

  • Your hot tub smells.
  • You’ve had heavy bather loads.
  • You can’t get the water clear.
  • If the tub has gone unused for a log period of time.

How to Deep Clean Your Hot Tub

Follow these steps for a super clean spa:

  • Remove large debris such as leaves so they don’t clog your filter.
  • Add SpaGuard System Flush. You can pick this up at any of our stores. Pour this into your spa filter area the night before you do your deep cleaning.
  • Run your jets for about 15-30 minutes. Rotate the diverter levers through each position so the system flush can do its work. Then turn the jets off and close the lid of your spa.
  • Circulate your spa overnight
  • The next day it’s time to clean your hot tub. Take off the cover and drain your spa. Put on rubber gloves and wipe down your shell to remove any scum on the sides.
  • Remove and either clean or  replace your filters.
  • Add new water to your clean  hot tub.
  • Balance and treat the water. You can always bring us a sample for your free water test.

To Conclude

Now it’s time to don your bathing suit and slip into your very clean hot tub to enjoy the warm water massage.

It’s a good idea to plan for at least one deep cleaning per year so you have the best year-round water.