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How to Hot Tub in the Rain

You don’t have to let a few rains drops ruin your daily hot tub soak. Take a look at this tips on how to hot tub in the rain and enjoy every minute of it.

Enjoy The Peace

Sitting outside in a light rain is peaceful. But, to enjoy hot tubbing in the rain, you really have to want to do it and commit yourself to the experience.

After all, you’re going to get wet whether it’s raining or not.

When you hot tub in the rain, you get the added peacefulness of the pitter patter of the rain as it hits the water. The cool sound of the wind blowing through the trees and the warmth of the water are a unique feeling that is at once calming.

Drink Something Warm and Soothing

While you’re body is warm in the hot tub, your upper body might be a little cold.

Make some hot chocolate or cappuccino and put it in a water-safe thermos. Sip it while you soak so you are warm inside and out.

Extend the Coziness

Plan ahead. You don’t want to enjoy the warm cocoon of your hot tub only to get out and freeze. Warm your towels and robe in the dryer and put them in a basket for easy acess when you’re finished.

Hot Tub Safely

It is important to remember that it isn’t always safe to hot tub in the rain. If there is thunder or lightning, it’s a definite no-go.

Stay safe and don’t go outside if you hear thunder or see lightning.

Another tip is to watch your step because the patio will surely be slippery.

If you want to enjoy hot tubbing in the rain, but you don’t want to get wet, ask us about hot tub gazebos that stand over your hot tub and keep the rain out.

While we think everyone should enjoy a spa day in the rain every now and then, it is important that you do it safely. Don’t stay in your spa if you hear thunder, and be sure wear shoes with better grip, as the deck around your hot tub will be more slick than usual.

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