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Kara Wins LLS Visionary of the Year

Thank you to everyone who donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society drive this last few months! With your help, she and her team raised over $82,000 in their quest to #CancelBloodCancer (surpassing their $75,000 goal). Every bit helped, and your donations are so appreciated! The whole group raised $398,000!

From our own Kara Weed, the LLS Visionary of the Year:

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my friends and family that supported both myself and my team in our quest to raise money for LLS to #CancelBloodCancer. Every little bit helped!

Donations, buying tickets to events, sharing events on Facebook and just checking in on me is so appreciarted. Each one of you contributed to #MakeWavesforLLS having a spectacular campaign. And guys, we won! All of us together raised over $82,000!

There were honestly no losers in this campaign, because we all raised money for such an important cause. I was not only blown away by all of you but also by the generosity of SO many businesses in Wichita, who donated items or gift cards to our cause.

I was also very humbled throughout this 10-week period. To hear the absolutely gut-wrenching and tear inducing stories of our honored heroes (Tabitha Lehman and cute little Austyn) and the struggle they have been through in their fight against blood cancers is eye-opening. They are truly inspirational, and the strength they display on a daily basis is BEYOND.

I’ll close with this…if anyone ever asks you to be involved in a future LLS campaign in ANY way, I would encourage you to take them up on it. It unites people in the most genuine way and brings out the best in people.